Justin Gaethje announced a match against Oliveira

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Justin Gaethje announced a match against Oliveira

The tenth victory in a row was recorded by Charles "Do Bronx" Oliveira, last weekend at the UFC 269 event. The Brazilian successfully defended his belt in the lightweight category, defeating Dustin Poirier. With this, Oliveira confirmed that he really deserves to be the holder of that belt and that it is a real champion material.

Fellow fighters often accuse him of giving up too easily when the fight goes into "deep waters" and that he does not have the mentality of a champion. Despite a great winning streak against great fighters, fighters like Justin Gaethje have long been convinced that the Brazilian isn’t really that good.

"Highlight" has been calling out Oliveira for months and he often used to say that Poirier and he are better than the current champion. However, Oliveira removed Poirier from that debate, and his next opponent will almost certainly be Justin Gaethje.

Gaethje was looking at fight between Poirier and Oliveira, that is, he was present in the hall where the match was held. Just after the fight, Justin was given the opportunity to give his review of what he had just looked at and it was then that he discovered a change in his opinion regarding the current UFC lightweight champion.

Gaethje on the fight

'' I absolutely enjoyed it. I will not show disrespect to Charles. He is now the undisputed champion and I can’t wait to fight him. I saw a contestant in it tonight and I can’t wait to break his face."

"He receives a lot of blows, and he better pray and hope that he will bring me down and choke me. If he doesn't succeed, we will see what happens, "Justin told ESPN. Gaethje seems to possess a high dose of confidence when it comes to his match against Oliveira.

However, from the last statement to conclude that Justin is aware that he is in great danger in the ground floor and that he cannot deal with Oliveira there. However, the stance of Charles Oliveira, who is getting better in that segment from match to match, is again underestimated.

In any case, an interesting match awaits us in the lightweight category, and it seems that Gaethje will provide us with a multitude of statements that will motivate the great "Do Bronx" to the maximum. It would certainly be an even more exciting fight than against Porier, which would confirm for the umpteenth time that Oliveira should be taken seriously.