Geoff Neal showed character in the match against Ponzinibbio

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Geoff Neal showed character in the match against Ponzinibbio

A very good choice was made by the UFC in terms of three fights that were to serve as an introduction to two title fights. We may be a little disappointed with the fight between Geoff Neal and Santiago Ponzinibbio, but above all because we knew the fighters and expected a real war.

Instead, we got three rounds of outwitting on the feet. The Argentine seemed to open the fight better, but as the first round drew to a close, Neal hit more and more. However, Ponzinibbio did not allow the change of rhythm with which he opened it in the second round, and with one takedown he certainly confirmed it, so in the third round he entered the same way.

The last part of this fight was certainly the most interesting, as they both felt the need to do something more. Two referees decided Neal did it, while Ponzinibbio received only one referee card, so the Handz of Steel broke a two-game losing streak.

The other two fights of this part of the program brought a lot more excitement, in the first part at the expense of the way they ended.

Other fights

Cody Garbrandt announced that this event marks the beginning of his reign in the flyweight category, but he stumbled on the first exam, in the fight against Kai Kara France, a fighter who is not even the elite of the same.

But the New Zealander is capable of hitting extremely hard, while “No Love” doesn’t really have a chin to brag about. This was confirmed this time as well. Already the very introduction of the fight he let us know how this could be a fight in which one will fall.

They were both uncompromising and full of enthusiasm, but Kara France seemed faster from the start. He managed to capitalize on his speed in the middle of the round, when he pulled a right "overhand" kick, which sent Garbrandt to the floor.

This one was trying to recover, but soon received another serious blow. Still, he showed a great desire to continue, even inviting Kai to a new attack. Cody responded by entering the demolition, but his opponent quickly got up, followed by a new cannonade of blows and a new fall of Cody, after which he could no longer recover and there was a stoppage.

The main program was opened by Sean O'Malley. The upcoming star looks better with every fight and should finally find his place in the rankings from next week, especially after the fight in which Raulian Paiva lost. Again through the fight he presented his attractive style and looked very relaxed and easy on his feet.

It took him about half a round though until he recognized where his biggest opportunities were, and then the “Sugar show” started. Sean can thank his opponent from Brazil for accepting the open fight, because the question is whether he would have finished him the way he did.