Dustin Poirier was convinced that he would become the new champion

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Dustin Poirier was convinced that he would become the new champion

Unlike his first attack on the UFC lightweight title, when as an outsider he came practically to the home field of Khabib Nurmagomedov in Abu Dhabi, this time everything was arranged for the perfect script of the champion story of Dustin Poirier.

Especially after the first round, in which he showed a lot more and seemed to be on track to meet his ultimate goal. But Charles Oliveira has already shown in the fight when he won the title that a bad first round means nothing to him.

From the second onwards he took control and finally celebrated with a stoppage in the third round, after which he remained the champion. Poirier thus experienced another failure and failed to perfectly crown the year in which he twice defeated Conor McGregor.

The same thing happened to him as against Khabib, but it seemed that this time, since everything was so well arranged, it would hurt him more. "It's a terrible feeling. I worked hard to get back here and fight for the world title.

I'm choked again, my heart is broken," Poirier told a news conference, after which he immediately referred to his opponent, the legitimate UFC lightweight champion. categories: "The guy is great, he's a real champion.

There's only a little room for error in fights like this. I felt good. After the first round, while sitting in a chair waiting for the second round and drinking water and thinking, I was convinced that tonight I will become a world champion.

But this is crazy what we do. "

Next step

The question now is what to do next. Even before this fight, he announced that he would not fight so often anymore, and many are now wondering if he will fight at all. However, he is only 32 years old and it is clear that he still has room for good results.

In addition, he has star status and a rich contract with the UFC. The great opportunity was missed, but many returned even after more severe falls. "I can do whatever I set out to do. I can fight for a new belt, I can get into a new series.

I can succeed where I was. The only question now is do I want that." "Do I want to go all that way again? I'll asnwer that within the next few days or weeks. I have to let this all pass and then I will know what is next."

"I feel in my heart that this is something I want to do. And if so, I will fight for the world title again, "he said , adding that he cannot say more at the moment: