Dustin Poirier spoke out about his retirement

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Dustin Poirier spoke out about his retirement

Some of his statements about potential retirement, as well as Henry Cejudo's assumption that in the event of a victory over Charles Oliveira, Dustin Poirier will do so, have worried fans of one of the world's best fighters Poirier is only 32 years old, but he has also been in the sport for a long time.

If he gets the title of champion, it will be the icing on the cake of everything he has done so far. And rarely would anyone blame him for saying at that moment that it was enough. But he seems to resent himself, as he has admitted that this is still something he can't imagine his life without and that retirement is still not an option.

Definitely good news for absolutely all fans. "I see a lot of fighters trying to get the last drop out of all this and that's why they leave some parts of themselves. I don't want to do that. I've been fighting for a long time, I had my first fight at 18 so I don't know when my end will come," Dustin said.

in an interview with Michael Bisping for BT Sport, to then add: "I don't think I'm going anywhere for now. I just won't fight that often anymore. I love what I do, it's me. I win, lose or if the fight ends in a draw, all I know is that after Saturday I won't fight three times a year."


Dustin has been fighting in the UFC for 11 years, and his fight against Oliveira will be his 27th entry into the Octagon. However, it was only in recent years that he began earning significant money and reached the status of one of the biggest stars of the UFC.

One reason for this is certainly his rivalry with Conor McGregor. This year they did two fights and Dustin won both. These fights also brought two different images. A friendly relationship before the first, which was also a rematch of their 2014 rehearsal, and the awakening of tensions before the second.

What happened at the end of the second fight this year provides a very good basis for another clash. After all, McGregor constantly claims that it’s not over between them. "We can fight five more times, I don't think it will ever end.

It's just one of those rivalries that will last forever," Dustin said. He has said earlier that he has nothing against another fight against McGregor. After all, why would he have? In the last two, he recorded victories and earned the most in his career. If the next one is for a UFC title it can all be at an even higher level.