UFC fight canceled due to fighter's heart arrhythmia!

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UFC fight canceled due to fighter's heart arrhythmia!

The UFC 269 event will still have 14 fights on its program instead of 15. The one between Alex Perez and Matt Schnell was canceled. And so the fight was not canceled by Perez, who failed to completely lose weight, but Schnell was banned from performing.

Schell successfully lost weight, weighed himself, and set out to recover. Along the way, he felt weak and decided to sit down until he felt ready to continue on to his hotel room. This was noticed by someone from the commission and he reacted, after which Schnell was tested by doctors and decided that he was not capable of fighting the next day.

The fighter himself said that the situation was not so dramatic at all and believes that the commission made a bad decision because of which he is left without his fight, automatically with the opportunity to prove himself, but also to make money.

"I have already fully recovered. After satisfying the scales I sat behind the curtain to gather myself. I started drinking the necessary fluids and suddenly I was bombarded by people from the commission." "After checking my vital functions, they were fine.

Then a doctor came and put his fingers on my neck and said that my heart rate was too high." "After that, he canceled my fight. Understand that I lost weight, of course, my pulse was high. If they came after ten minutes they would see that I'm totally fine."

"My heart is broken, I've worked hard for this. I'm a professional and I've done my part of the job, "Schnell explained via Instagram.


Unfortunately, in such cases, the UFC does not pay any fees, as only the cancellation of the fight leads to the conclusion that he did not do his job.

Of course, we cannot be sure where the real truth is and what condition Schnell was in. The moment he stepped on the scales he looked good. If his condition behind the scenes was indeed such that several doctors hurried to him, it obviously didn't seem nearly as harmless as he was trying to portray.

It is a great pity that the fight has been canceled because we know how much the fighters are investing in the preparations themselves and we can only hope that Schnell and Alex Perez will soon get a new date. We expect a successful recovery and a quick return to the UFC scene and hopefully everything will be fine