Charles Oliveira: ‘Khabib is retired, I don’t care what he says’

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Charles Oliveira: ‘Khabib is retired, I don’t care what he says’

UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira believes he still hasn’t received the respect he deserves from the MMA community. While he has a great streak behind him and ultimately a champion's belt in his possession, there is still a lot of those who lightly write him off.

We see this even before his fight against Dustin Poirier, also the first title defense. It’s something he just has to ignore and keep doing his job in the best way possible. He will certainly act on people and try to take the focus away from the most important thing, but it seems that for now, he manages to keep his attention on what is in front of him.

The Schmo tried to hear something about it from him, with whom Oliveira spoke in Las Vegas, just a few days before the fight. "People can think whatever they want, I don't care what they say. Every time someone says I'm going to lose, I go to that arena and prove them wrong," Charles said, immediately adding that Khabib Nurmagomedov predicted that the chances of winning 60/40 in favor of Poirier: "To be honest, I don't care what Khabib says.

He can say whatever he wants. He's retired, so it really doesn't matter to me."


Also at the event will be Justin Gaethje, who has announced he will enter the Octagon after the fight and openly name the winner.

"Step by step, my focus now is on Dustin Poirier. If I have to fight after that against Justin Gaethje, I will fight," the Brazilian commented only briefly. Apart from the first title defense, Oliveira will be looking for its tenth victory in a row.

Eight of the previous nine were achieved by a stoppage. He has performed in the main fight of the show three times so far, but he did not receive the "championship rounds", so many see the greatest opportunity for Poirier just then.

"I'm always ready for the fourth and fifth rounds. I just finish my opponents before that so I don't need them," he confidently explained. Oliveira has already done a lot in his career, and the most prolific part has actually just started.

That is why, after such a long career at the highest level, he still doesn't lack motivation. There is a lot of talk about whether he deserved to be at the top and he won't have a better chance than this to prove to people that he really is a top fighter.