Dana White frustrated with the ‘hype’ around Sean O’Malley


Dana White frustrated with the ‘hype’ around Sean O’Malley
Dana White frustrated with the ‘hype’ around Sean O’Malley

Eight fights so far have been done by Sean O’Malley in the UFC. In the seven of them, the 27-year-old recorded a victory, mostly quite convincingly, while he lost only a fight to Marlon Vera in which he suffered an injury that prevented him from parrying properly.

As this is a very attractive fighter who easily jumped out of the average and got a lot of media space, so many are wondering what the UFC is waiting for with more serious fights for him. O’Malley isn’t ranked yet, and we can’t even be sure he will become so if he defeats Raulian Paiva at the opening of the UFC 269 show’s main program this weekend.

The question is when the more serious exams will start for the increasingly popular fighter who has been a permanent resident of strong programs for some time.

Dana White on O'Maley

And no one is a better person to give an answer than UFC President Dana White.

"He's not ready for anything more yet. Why are you constantly trying to throw him among the wolves? No one is being pushed so fast unless it's Khamzat Chimaev." "Khamzat is the guy around whom you have no problem doing something like that because you feel he's ready for it.",White tried to explain his decisions.

He believes that everything would have been done faster if Sean had not suffered the above-mentioned defeat in August last year. This gave them a warning that they needed to do everything a little slower. O'Malley was defeated by Chita Vera a few fights ago.

Speaking of big fights and the like, this fight on Saturday is very serious for him. In his last fight he looked amazing, he did the right schooling. But he is extremely popular and there will always be a critic, no matter what you do with him, "White continued, adding his enthusiasm to what the talented bantam has shown so far: "He's a great fighter, he's fun and it's exciting to watch his fights.

And his journey right now looks the way it should. There's no point in taking him and just throwing him among the biggest killers. That's not how this job is done." We had, of course, examples where things were done differently, but this time we cannot and have no right to criticize.

Stronger fights are sure to come, and we also believe the UFC wants to build a little more of his name before throwing him into the fire.

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