Charles Oliveira: 'I will shock the world on December 11'

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Charles Oliveira: 'I will shock the world on December 11'

Charles Oliveira did not receive the championship treatment before his first defense of the UFC lightweight title. At least in terms of how many people believe he will remain champion after the weekend. Dustin Poirier is the favorite in their fight, after all, he is also ranked better in the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings.

Oliveira has been familiar with the status of an outsider since before. We can say that even he did not constantly believe in himself, since when he switched to the lightweight category, he constantly announced his return to the lightweight division.

However, over time, he built himself into a real lightweight fighter and, in the end, a completely relevant and well-deserved champion. And he now intends to stay that way for a long time, as he sees Dustin Poirier as just the first to try to dethrone him, but he will not succeed.

"I said something before my last fight, and I will say it now. I will shock the world on December 11. I will finish him in the first round. I respect him very much, as I respect every fighter in this category."

He wants to shock the world

"I also know I own something more than any of them.

I will shock the world once again, and then I will say something I have been planning my whole life." "Put them in a line and let each challenger come. One by one, I will defeat them all, "Oliveira said in an interview with Brazilian Combate.

The winning streak he is currently sailing on, as well as the ways he has achieved victories, give him the wind on his back to fulfill his ambitions. "I'm going to clear this category and I just want people not to believe in me before every fight.

Because that's how every time I win, like in the past, they all get up and give me a standing ovation." "The whole world will say Charles Oliveira is a beast. But Charles is not a beast, he is just a little different from the others.

That's my truth, "is an attitude he believes will push him toward the goal. We are all eager to find out what this fight will look like and what anyone in it is willing to offer. For both of them, we know what their greatest qualities are, but we also know that the latter also has a lot to offer in these segments.

Will one of them win with the other's weapon or will he manage to take the fight where it suits him best? We'll find out on Sunday morning.