Khabib persuaded Rashad Evans to return from martial arts retirement

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Khabib persuaded Rashad Evans to return from martial arts retirement

A martial arts promotion owned by Khabib Nurmagomedov is coming to the US next year and they have announced an event for January 28 in Miami. Khabib Nurmagomedov, although he is out of sports, is always there, but in other ways.

It seems that Nurmagomedov still has the will to be present in the media In order to create as much public interest as possible, some well-known martial arts names are always needed in such a case, and Khabib made sure to get one of the biggest available this time.

His first fight after retiring in mid-2018 will be done by Rashad Evans, the winner of the second season of Ultimate Fighter, former UFC light heavyweight champion and once one of the most dominant fighters in the world.

The 42-year-old "Suga" left the sport after being defeated five times in a row, but the desire to perform is still there. He was trying to come back earlier this year, but that way he was looking for a boxing match against Jake Paul or Roy Jones Jr.


MMA didn’t mention it, but obviously that’s where the best offer came from. An opponent for Rashad has not yet been announced, nor has any information on whether Khabib intends to use his name by putting him in the main fight.

It is to be expected that through the event he will try to promote some fighters from his Eagle MMA club, which has certainly promoted itself to the leading MMA team in Russia. Evans has recorded 19 wins, eight losses and one draw in his career.

He became the champion in December 2008 with a win against Forrest Griffin, but lost it immediately in the next fight against Lyot Machida. With a series of victories after that, he reached a 17-1-1 ratio and a new attack on the title, but in April 2012, Jon Jones was an insurmountable obstacle.

That was actually the end of serious results in his career. He has performed in the Octagon a total of 23 times. In 2019, he became a member of the UFC Hall of Fame. Rashad will have a chance to prove himself after so much time and he certainly has a huge motive and desire to return.

Those who had the opportunity to watch him could see what kind of fighter he was. His bad streak is not a true indication of what Rashad is, and perhaps right now he will silence critics and those who have belittled his successes.