Khabib predicts title fight he held until recently: ‘Chances are 60/40’

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Khabib predicts title fight he held until recently: ‘Chances are 60/40’

Charles Oliveira has an important mission ahead of him. Retain the UFC Lightweight Champion belt by defeating Dustin Poirier over the weekend. The belt he won earlier in May belonged to Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is still closely tied to the category.

It is so interesting to hear the forecast of the fight by the former champion. "I will predict that the chances are 60/40 in favor of Dustin Poirier, because of his fitness and heart. Charles is a very very dangerous opponent.

At the moment he is a truly deserved champion." "He has nine wins in a row, eight of which is a stoppage and he won againstTony Ferguson. This is an interesting fight, but I have to predict that I will still say 60 percent that Poirier's chances are, "Khabib told ESPN.

He knows Poirier very well because he was preparing to fight against him and in the end, in September 2019, he defeated him. On the other hand, there is no doubt that he is already studying Oliveira very well, as a potential opponent of his friend Islam Makhachev.

Khabib believes that the start of the match can change a lot, and that Poirier must enter calmly "Oliveira is a real finisher, a very dangerous fighter. But if Dustin Poirier can take him into the deep waters as he announced, I think he will win.

If he hurries and starts rushing, then Oliveira's chances are higher," he concluded.


Bookmakers also consider Poirier the favorite in a 2: 1 ratio, which would be 67/33, so Khabib is not far from thinking.

The fact that Oliveira holds the title is not too important here, primarily because he should have fought against Poirier and originally for her. It will be a phenomenal fight between two great fighters who are currently at the peak of their careers.

Most, just like bookmakers, prefer Poirier because of his experience and history in this category, but Oliveira has long shown how dangerous he is and why he is where he is at the moment. No one will have a good night, and it is certain that they will start furiously from the first minute.

Makhachev will follow this fight and perhaps look at his potential opponents in the future. Makhachev is announced as the greatest talent of this category, and the future champion. We do not know whether ge will reach its full potential. But we'll find out soon enough