Khamzat Chimaev refused to be a guest on Mike Tyson's podcast

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Khamzat Chimaev refused to be a guest on Mike Tyson's podcast

It could be said that Khamzat Chimaev has been one of the most popular UFC fighters for the last month. A Chechen with a Swedish passport has been out of the cage for more than a year due to health problems caused by the coronavirus.

Still, Chimaev finally returned at the end of October and literally played with Li Jingliang. The 27-year-old "Borz" is currently the 11th ranked welterweight challenger, and under the auspices of the UFC, he has recorded four wins in as many appearances.

Chimaev is extremely active in provocations via social networks, and he does not run away from the microphone and the media. Thus, he can be seen more and more often as a guest of various interviews. However, one call was rejected by Chimaev.

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson has invited Khamzat to be a guest on his Hotboxin 'podcast. However, the Chechen thanked for the invitation and refused to visit his podcast.

Chimaev explained his views

While guesting on the Hustle MMA podcast, Khamzat explained in more detail why he rejected the world boxing icon.

'' I was told Mike wanted something, but I didn't want to appear. I had no desire for that. As a fighter and athlete, I really like him. But I don’t like all the other things that happened to him." "Violence, pills, marijuana, then everything with islam.

It’s weird, but I still respect him, as a person and as a fighter. He went through a lot and that’s why he gave up and did bad things." "No one knows what will happen to me in the future. It can happen to anyone.

You will be a good, normal person, but something happens and you end up in psychiatric treatment. I'm not judging anyone, but I just didn't want to go (guest on a podcast), '' Chimaev explained. By the way, Mike Tyson converted to Islam in 1992, while serving a prison sentence.

There are also allegations that Mike then changed his name to Malik Abdul Aziz or Malik Shabazz. By the way, Mike was then serving a sentence for rape. Chimaev does not seem to be a supporter of this conversion, given all the misdeeds and Tyson's way of life, which is not in line with the religion he allegedly turned to.

It is obvious that Chimaev has certain principles that he adheres to and does not want to change, which speaks everything about his character.