Conor McGregor surprised the MMA public with his weight

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Conor McGregor surprised the MMA public with his weight

Much attention in the global martial arts community was caused last week by the announcement of Conor McGregor, who visited a training hall in the company of his photographer. Although he is currently still in rehabilitation from a broken leg, which led to surgery, the Irishman did not neglect training, at least the one he was able to do.

And that obviously resulted in extra mass in the upper half of the body. After the first photos that caught his attention, Conor now took the opportunity to make an advertisement for his pub in Dublin, comparing his appearance before and after he went there to eat.

Of course, he posted a photo from one weighing while he was a member of the lightweight category, and below it is a current one. However, after a few days of various speculations, he also revealed how much he is currently weighing.

The answer did not surprise us, and we believe that this is the greatest weight since being an active professional athlete. Namely, Conor is currently at just over 86 kilograms. That would be two pounds above the UFC middleweight limit.

“190Ibs of granite,” Conor wrote, that way alongside an advertisement for his diet. He also added another series of photos where we can see his current constitution, commenting that there will be no time for games when he returns.


Conor looks impressive, but many agree that his current constitution is not exactly in line with plans to return to the lightweight division and attack his title. And that, as he himself stated, was already in the first fight on the way back.

With this kind of muscle mass, it gets harder and harder. Still, Conor has never had a problem meeting body weight so far, no matter what category he struggled in. So he probably has a plan for this situation as well. But we must admit that if it was about anyone else, we would certainly express great doubt about how much he is able to bring from this state to 70 kilograms, without being a consequence of the martial arts performance McGregor will probably be more prepared than ever because he is aware that he must finally show his old form, and that he cannot continue as he has so far.

It will be interesting to find out his next opponent, who will have perhaps the most difficult task because McGregor will be more motivated than ever.