Jose Aldo continues his march to the top of the bantam

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Jose Aldo continues his march to the top of the bantam

We had a great UFC show tonight. A total of 14 matches were on the program, and there was no lack of excitement. From great submissions to knockouts and big comebacks like the one directed by Clay Guide. However, the main actors of the evening were Jose Aldo and Rob Font, and the victory was taken by the legendary Brazilian, who thus continues his march to the very top of the bantamweight category.

Rob Font entered the match quite dynamically and used his front straight to test the distance. Aldo was a bit more passive, and somewhat surprisingly, Rob Font started wrestling and looked for a takedown. Still, it is common knowledge that Jose Aldo is fantastically defending, and so it was this time.

Font imposed a fairly high pace in the first round, but Aldo remained calm and did not rush. At the end of the first round, Jose hits great with a combination of front and back straight, Font was seriously shaken and ended up on the floor, but Aldo had too little time to possibly finish Font.

Font recovered well between rounds, and Aldo recognized that, who continued to work calmly and did not ask for a break based on the last round. Again, Aldo caused a lot of problems for Font with his right straight. After a little less than two minutes, Jose scored cleanly, but Font recovered very quickly.

The impression is that Font has the advantage for most of the round, but Aldo's blows are noticeably more concrete and stronger. Rob Font was more active and placed more shots, while Aldo was constantly waiting for an opportunity for more specific shots.

Aldo was instructed from the corner between the second and third rounds to start throwing low kicks. Michael Bisping also called for that "vintage" version of Jose Aldo, and the Brazilian started the third round just like that.

Already in the first 40 seconds of the third round, Aldo hit Font with a few low kicks. Font tried to take down Aldo again, but it was a bad attempt after which Jose Aldo ended up in the top half-guard position. For a good part of the round, the fighters stayed on the ground floor, but after a little over three minutes within the third round, the fighters are in the stand again.

Aldo continued with low kicks, and with one he even sent Font to the floor. Font, on the other hand, was still moving well, mixing various combinations of blows, but mostly using the front straight. Bad takedown attempt, it probably cost him these rounds.

Jose Aldo's right eye was increasingly closed due to the swelling caused by Font's blows. The legendary Brazilian fighter opened the fourth round brilliantly and Font was again somewhat shaken and finished as the bottom in the ground floor.

While Aldo’s problem with his right eye was getting bigger, Font had very similar problems with his left eye. Aldo controlled his opponent from the top position until the end of the round.

Continuation of the fight

However, Jose did not inflict any concrete damage, and Font tried to win the referees by hitting Alda with his elbows from the bottom position.

Font was aware that he needed a dominant fifth round, and probably a stoppage. The American fighter aggressively attacked the noticeably tired Aldo. However, it is a bit unclear why Font forced a clinch in the middle of the round because it was a situation from which it is difficult to take a break, and Jose Aldo managed to rest.

In the middle of the round, Aldo is in another rush. Combining boxing techniques in the opponent's head and body, Aldo shook Font again, and the fight ended up on the ground floor again. The former champion of the lightweight category again had the upper position, but this time from the full mount.

Font tried to get away in all possible ways, but there is a big difference in strength between the two fighters. He took Aldo and Font's back at the end of the round, had a good choking attempt, but the outcome went to the referees.

Jose Aldo finally celebrated with the unanimous decision of the referees(50-45, 50-45, 49-46). This is the third victory in a row for the 35-year-old Brazilian and thus he joins the very top of the category, as one of the possible challengers for the belt. Font's series of four consecutive victories was interrupted by today's defeat by Jose Aldo.