MMA referee: "'If he doesn't beat Cyril Gane, I see Ngannou leaving the UFC"

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MMA referee: "'If he doesn't beat Cyril Gane, I see Ngannou leaving the UFC"

It's no secret that relations between Francis Ngannou and the UFC leadership are really bad. The Cameroonian is dissatisfied with the money he earns, and the situation has worsened in the eighth month of this year. Ngannou refused the match in August and wanted a fight in the ninth month.

However, the UFC organized a match between Cyril Gane and Derrick Lewis for interim champion of the category, despite the fact that Ngannou had won the belt just four and a half months earlier. “Predator” has often publicly spoken out against promotion, and you recently had a chance to read about how people from the UFC set up his close encounter with Cyril Gane and Fernando Lopez.

He is Francis' next opponent and former sparring partner, while Fernand Lopez is his former coach and a person who has left a great influence on the development of his career. There are also problems between Marquel Martin and the UFC.

By the way, Martin is the manager of Francis Ngannou and he is also responsible for the strained relations between the heavyweight champions and the leaders of the strongest MMA promotion. Well-known reporter Ariel Helwani came to an interesting conclusion a few days ago.

Namely, Helwani believes that Kevin Lee was fired from the UFC, precisely because Martin is his manager, and Ngannou is too big to be fired.


All of this leads to various speculations about Francis ’future within the UFC.

The legendary MMA referee in the Weighing In podcast gave an interesting view of what might happen in the future. "If we look at the situation and talk realistically, one of the most likely candidates for the transition to the second promotion is Francis Ngannou.

That's a guy who could jump somewhere else, '' John McCarthy began. '' If he doesn't beat Cyril Gane, I see him leave the UFC and go to second place because he's not happy with the way he's being treated.

I think it's a real possibility if Ciryl Gane takes away his heavyweight belt, '' McCarthy added. Losing Ngannou would be a big blow to the UFC. However, if Gane truly wins, it’s really not impossible for UFC leaders to show their teeth and get rid of Francis, who would thus be left without a chance for revenge.

If he is defeated by a former teammate, Ngannou will lose the status of the best MMA heavyweight in the world, and thus his value automatically decreases. Still, if Ngannou wins that match, he will be the one pulling the strings, and there is no doubt that his claims will increase further. Anyway, we’ll find out more after January 22nd and the match between Gane and Ngannou.