Nate Diaz rejected Chimaev: ‘I told them it was a sign of disrespect'

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Nate Diaz rejected Chimaev: ‘I told them it was a sign of disrespect'

Just one more performance he has to do is on Nate Diaz’s contract with the UFC. This was publicly known even before Nate's fight against Leon Edwards in June, and it is becoming increasingly clear that a longtime member of the promotion could leave soon.

The UFC has a practice of offering new contracts before the fighters have only one appearance left, and Diaz has been brought into just that position. We don’t just know if it’s his own or the UFC’s decision.

Asked recently about Nate, Dana White said they intended to offer him a fight against Khamzat Chimaev, among other things. It was not agreed in the end, and now we found out why. In an interview with TMZ, Nate revealed that this fight was not an option for him at any time.

He even felt offended when UFC offered it. "They came up to me and offered Chimaev, and I told them to stop showing me disrespect like that. They're trying to offer me a fight against newbies." "All right.

You have four fights in the UFC, don't even mention my name. There are some levels in this and I don’t even want to hear his name, ”Nate told TMZ.

New fight

The 36-year-old Diaz is currently coming after two defeats, and his only victory since 2016 happened when he defeated Anthony Pettis in 2019.

He hasn't fought much since then, only at the end of that year against Jorge Masvidal, in addition to the aforementioned fight against Edwards. He claims he is constantly asking the UFC to fight, but that no one wants to fight him.

"I'm trying to fight someone in the UFC as soon as possible, but no one wants to fight. I'm constantly looking for that fight. Anyone in the Top 10, they're the ones I want to fight, in whatever category, but everyone intends to close the mouth because everyone is scared, ”he added.

This sounds a bit unbelievable to us, as Nate is one of the fighters most often called out by others. He is a big name, he always offers an attractive fight, and it is clear to everyone that he is still in a certain decline, far from his best performances.

Everything seems to be up to the UFC, that is, the promotion wants to make as much money as possible on Nate, while they still have a chance. Nate also intends to get rid of the UFC's shackles as soon as possible, especially while at the expense of the name he has the opportunity to earn something outside the Octagon, and probably with much less effort.

That's why he wants to do it as soon as possible, he said he could be ready for UFC 270 next month. We'll see what the promotion will do about it.