Blachowicz does not want to reveal the reason for the defeat against Teixeira

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Blachowicz does not want to reveal the reason for the defeat against Teixeira

Just over a month ago, Jan Blachowicz was left without a UFC light heavyweight belt. The Pole was somewhat surprisingly defeated by veteran Glover Teixeira, who thus crowned his career. Jan Blachowicz looked truly unrecognizable in that match and he was ended with submission in the second round.

Until recently, the champion, when visiting MMA Hour, tried to explain what happened in that match. "Everything went wrong, you know. I shouldn't have fought that night either, but what can I do? All I have to do is go back to training and the gym and train harder and get my belt back."

"That's it. I won’t be sad and I don’t want to ruin my life thinking about that fight. I think about fighting in a way that analyzes what went wrong, but I don’t waste time being sad. I will not hide under the bed and cry, "said Jan.


The Pole, therefore, stated that he should not have fought that day, but it was not an excuse or a call for injuries. In the continuation of the conversation, Blachowicz explained in more detail what he meant by that statement.

'' I wasn't hurt, it was just a bad day for me. Everyone would beat me that night. I don’t want to explain too much. It wasn’t my night and that’s it. But sometimes I need something like this. I need one step back to make two steps forward."

Obviously, there were certain problems that Blachowicz still does not want to talk about, but we may soon find out what the main problem was. It is even more interesting when we know that the Pole keeps it a secret "When you look at my career, it’s always been that way.

I believe that I learned something from this match and that I will become a better fighter. Just like after Thiago Santos and the other opponents who beat me, '' Jan added. His next performance will almost certainly be at the end of the third month of next year (March 26).

His opponent will be Serbian fighter Aleksandar Rakić, and the two best light heavyweights should lead the UFC event. Blachowicz really knew how to appear as a much better fighter, after losing in the previous match, but who know what's going to happen in a fight against Rakic. Will Rakic use the mental advantage he has, or will the Pole be too strong for him?