Dana White will spend his time in quarantine

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Dana White will spend his time in quarantine

The UFC president has experienced what he has been announcing for months that will probably happen to everyone. He contracted COVID 19, along with his entire extended family. Visiting a Jim Romeo podcast, he revealed that someone came to the family lunch for Thanksgiving and that everyone who was there was infected.

By the way, White was vaccinated with two doses of COVID-19 vaccine this year. He discovered that something was wrong after not smelling eucalyptus, after which he tested himself together with his family the next morning and everyone was positive.

He decided to turn to Joe Rogan for advice, who explained to him the whole therapy he underwent during the disease, consisting of Ivermectin, NAD infusion, and vitamins, but in the beginning, the main thing was to get monoclonal antibodies, which he succeeded in doing.

"I was tested on Monday, at 9 am. Joe told me to take monoclonal antibodies as soon as I could. I had them into me until noon, after which I took the NAD infusion."


Obviously, White will easily endure COVID and be on the scene quickly "On Sunday at 8 pm I had no smell or taste, and on Tuesday I felt alcohol while shaving in the morning.

The taste and smell completely returned to me by 11 o'clock the next day." "Then I took a dose of Ivermectin and finally vitamins and another dose of NAD infusion, "said White, revealing that he hopes for a recent return to work: White will stay home and follow instructions and hopes to be negative as soon as possible and return to the UFC scene.

"I follow the prescribed protocol. I need to stay home and avoid other people for ten days. That's what I do. But I attacked this thing with methods that Joe Rogan learned from some very smart people." "I'll be tested every two days until negative, and then get back to work right away.

I hope I can go to the next UFC event. If I'm negative I'll definitely be there. " Looking at the days he mentioned, maybe White didn't think of the event this weekend, led by Jose Aldo and Rob Font. It’s certainly much more important to him to be present at the UFC 269 event, which takes place on the night of Saturday, Dec.

11 to Sunday, Dec. 12. This weekend will go smoothly and without his presence, the UFC is simply well-established machinery.