Jon Jones calls out his former coach Winkeljohn

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Jon Jones calls out his former coach Winkeljohn

Ejecting Jon Jones from JacksonWink Hall seems to be raising a lot more dust than expected. We remind you that one of the greatest MMA fighters in history, in the middle of October, was temporarily removed from the gym where he has been training for almost his entire career.

Coach Mike Winkeljohn explained that Jones had crossed every line with the latest incident and that it was about sending the right message. Jon Jones was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame two weeks earlier, and he celebrated it in an infamous way.

"Bones" physically assaulted his fiancée in an alcoholic state and was taken into custody by Las Vegas police. This is one of the countless incidents that Jones has been involved in over the last few years.

Mike Winkeljohn's move met with many positive reactions from the public, but last night Jon Jones decided to reveal his side of the story via Twitter. He later removed the "tweets", but as always, someone saved them earlier, and the "screenshots" can be viewed on the MMA Junkie portal.

'' Coach Winkeljohn appears on national television and tells the world that he wants the best for me, and then behind the scenes abuses the other coaches because they kept working with me. What a poor bastard, "Jones wrote in a" tweet "that started the attack on his former coach.

Jones continued his attack by pointing out that almost all the legendary fighters left that hall. Some of the fans will recall the 2018 situation when Mike Perry joined the hall. A match was soon arranged between him and Donald Cerrone, who had been training at JacksonWink for years, and he thought it was not a good idea for Perry to prepare for their match in that hall.


Mike Winkeljohn reacted violently and the next day he informed Cerrone that he would not be able to prepare for the match against Perry in JacksonWink Hall because they decided on Mike. "Cowboy" finally defeated Perry in the first round, and did not return to the hall.

'' That guy (Winkeljohn) somehow found a way to drive away each of Greg's original fighters. I can't think of a single Jackson veteran who still talks to this a**hole, '' Jones wrote on Twitter. Although Winkeljohn has said that Jones may return in time and that this is a kind of warning sentence, it seems that "Bones" has no intention of returning to JacksonWink.

'' I didn't leave the team because I couldn't stand the penalty. I left the gym because I didn’t want to train with Winkeljohn anymore. He hasn't taught his student's new techniques since I met him, '' the former UFC light heavyweight champion explained, adding that Winkeljohn continued to use his name to make money.

'' If I was such a monster as the story goes, he wouldn't still be trying to make money on my name, mentioning me as a former member. Jon Jones' poster is on almost every wall of that hall. "