Dariush revealed what tactics he is preparing for Chimaev

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Dariush revealed what tactics he is preparing for Chimaev

A great match was arranged in the lightweight category. Islam Makhachev and Beneil Dariush will settle accounts next year in the second month, on February 26, to be exact. It is a duel of the fourth (Makhachev) and third (Dariush) fighters in the challenger rankings, and the winner will almost certainly get a chance to attack the championship belt.

It is also about two fighters who are within the great winning streaks. Beneil Dariush has celebrated in his last seven appearances, while Islam Makhachev’s run is even longer. The Dagestani has defeated the last nine opponents.

The great Makhachev is a complete fighter, but he is primarily known for his grappling, after all, like most Dagestani fighters. Powerful and technically refined wrestling, which takes the fight to the ground, gives him the opportunity to end his opponents with submissions.

Dariush on his opponent

We have witnessed this in his three currently last fights. However, Dariush' skills on the ground floor are also not foreign. It is about the black BJJ belt, and he achieved eight (out of a total of 21) victories by submission.

In an interview with RT Sport, the 32-year-old Dariush revealed that he will not run away from grappling with Islam. '' I don't think much about Islam, I think about myself. What do I do in my fights? I'm a grappler, obviously.

So I’m not going to get into a fight with the thought that he’s a grappler and that I can’t grapple with him." "Of course, I will try with that segment. I also know how to hit, so of course, I will use a stand.

I’m complete, I’m not the type of person who relies on just one segment to win a fight." "I feel comfortable in all areas. If I want to wrestle, I will wrestle. If I want an exchange in a stand, we will exchange in a stand.

I can do all sorts of things, so I'm not worried about that, '' Dariush explained. Islam Makhachev is often seen as the legitimate successor to Khabib Nurmagomedov. Although similarities definitely exist between the two great friends and teammates, Beneil Dariush tried to draw some differences in their styles.

'' Khabib is right-handed, fighting from the Orthodox Guard. He creates chaos, and in that chaos comes the takedown. Once he takes down an opponent, he puts a lot of pressure on his ‘ground and pound’. If you look at Islam, he is methodical, he is more patient."