Henry Cejudo returns next year and plans to make UFC history!

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Henry Cejudo returns next year and plans to make UFC history!

A year and a half have passed since Henry Cejudo's last performance. "Triple C" in the period from the eighth month of 2018 until the fifth month of 2020 did really great things in sports, and then retired at his peak.

Recall, Cejudo first defeated Demetrious Johnson in a match for the flyweight category champion, defending that belt by knocking out T.J. Dillashaw and then moved into the bantamweight category. There he defeated Marlon Moraes in a belt match and defended the title by knocking out the legendary Dominic Cruz.

Despite what Cejudo is considered by some to be a somewhat strenuous character, it’s hard not to admit that he’s a masterful fighter and it’s a real shame he retired as a 33-year-old. However, Cejudo often talks about how he would return if they allow him a match for the third belt, the one in the lightweight category.

Cejudo would thus become the first fighter in history to win a UFC belt in three different categories. Cejudo's manager Ali Abdelaziz in an interview with MMA Fighting referred to the possibility of his return. '' Listen, Dana White is one of the greatest promoters of all time.

He understands big fights. If Henry wants to do it, and he tells me he wants you and that he is even ready to defend the title after beating Alexander (Volkanovski). Dana White will make it possible then, '' Ali began.

'' But remember, if I conclude that Henry will not want to defend the title, I will not be involved in all this. I have a long history with Dana and I will never lie to him." "Henry is an honorable guy, he wouldn't lie either.

I have to do interviews with Dan, Sean Shelby, and Hunter Campbell, and they all have to sit down with Cejudo and talk, '' Abdelaziz added.


Max Holloway is currently the first challenger in the featherweight category and also the most likely candidate to attack the belt.

However, Max recently fought and did a real war against Yair Rodriguez and he will definitely need a break before the new match and the preparation. After all, this will be his third chance to beat champion Volkanovski and therefore he will have to be the most prepared so far.

But Abdelaziz sees this as a real opportunity for Cejudo to jump in. '' Of course, Max deserves a belt attack, but I think the timing is great because Henry can fight in February and Max would then fight the winner, '' Cejudo's manager said.

So it seems that we will truly witness the return of "Triple C" who is returning with the ambition to become "Quadruple C" But Abdelaziz claims that the chances are high that this will happen next year.

'' Yes, he will. 100 percent will. '', Ali answered the question of whether Cejudo will return in 2022, and then he added. '' If he loses, he can go back to the bantam. He will not return for one match. He comes for a fight for heritage, he wants three belts, but at the end of the day, there are a lot of good fights in the bantam, and in the rest of the featherweight category." "He is competitive, there will be no problems. As long as he breathes, he will be a competitor. "