Rampage Jackson: "Jon Jones is a GOAT, but Ngannou can finish him"

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Rampage Jackson: "Jon Jones is a GOAT, but Ngannou can finish him"

There are few fighters who can boast of a career, but also the status of an MMA icon like Quinton “Rampage” Jackson can. Today, the 43-year-old legend leaves the impression that MMA is behind him, but it looks like he will be doing a boxing match against Shannon Briggs next year.

However, MMA topics are unavoidable for him, and he expressed a very interesting position a few weeks ago via social networks. "Honestly, I consider Jon Jones the greatest of all time. I'll tell you really that I never lost a fight when I was in top form.

Except then, I was in the best form of my career fighting him. So he beat the best," he wrote. Rampage late last month on Twitter, actually sharing Jones ’post in which he recalls his first four fights for the championship title.

Jackson and Jones fought in September 2011, and then 24-year-old Jones recorded a victory by choking in the fourth round. Jackson had experienced his UFC championship days four years earlier, when he took the title from Chuck Liddell and defended it once against Dan Henderson, only to then lose it in a fight against Forrest Griffin.

Earlier in his career, he fought for the Pride title and in the final of the Grand Prix of the same organization, but both times he remained short in the fights against Wanderley Silva.

Jackson on Jones

These days, Jackson was invited to express his opinion in a little more detail in Jones and he did so in a conversation with reporter Helen Yee.

The theme was actually Jones ’transition to the heavyweight division, and Jackson has a lot to say here, as a fighter who has varied throughout his career between the heavyweight and light heavyweight division. "I think Jones will be a very good heavyweight as long as he manages to avoid being hit.

I know I had a really hard job on that, I don't think I hit anything clean in the whole fight." "If he got even one percent better in avoiding punches, I think he will be very good in the heavyweight division.

He is a great wrestler and is able to always control a fight or take down to the floor whoever it takes" "What should definitely be mentioned about him is his strong mind. Whatever he imagines, he's capable of doing it.

I hope he stays focused on his career and control of his private life, "Rampage commented, however, noting one thing: "The only thing I'm not sure about is Francis Ngannou, he's a champion right now, isn't he? He's wicked and incredibly strong, he hits hard.

If he finds one hit for Jon Jones, I don't see how Jon would recover from it. But as I said, Jones is very hard to hit. "