Michael Chandler praised McGregor and he wants to fight him

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Michael Chandler praised McGregor and he wants to fight him

After combining two defeats in a row, despite being great and exciting fights, Michael Chandler set out to think about his next challenges. It didn’t take him long to express a desire to fight Conor McGregor, but he didn’t choose to call out to try to get there.

He had already mentioned Conor through some superlatives, and now he has uttered an extra dose of praise for the Irishman during a guest appearance on the “Bussin With The Boys” podcast. Of course, he did not hide that because of everything he says, he wants to fight against him.

"That left hand can end anyone on the planet. I think the same can be done by my right hand, so it's a perfect fight. It's automatically a different approach if you're fighting someone like Conor, it's not like fighting Gaethje, who is someone who likes to fight openly."

"It's a lot easier than a guy you're afraid to hit because he will strike with his blow that you won't see. You have to be concentration-focused and high-level to fight Conor." "But the most interesting thing is how everyone always talks about him as a bad wrestler and a bad grappler, ”Chandler commented.

Grappling and wrestling

Then he turned to just that Conor grappler part, where he lost two fights in the UFC. He doesn’t really think McGregor is bad in that segment. In fact, something about it has delighted him and he does not understand those who discredit Conor for these defeats.

"Chad Mendes knocked him down a couple of times, he was knocked down in the second fight against Nate Diaz. He was knocked down in other fights as well, but he remained calm and composed." "His mental structure, attention he has, and stability.

It's amazing, especially how he manages to be better the bigger the stakes and the more people watch." "Everyone has to appreciate that. He's an amazing fighter and anyone who doesn't appreciate him at the expense of his defeats can only be a 'casual' or his 'hater', that's my honest opinion " Mike said almost enthusiastically.

Otherwise, the fighters tried to reach Conor by insults and entering trash talk. Chandler hopes he can get that with nice words. We’ll find out if the strategy pays off for him. If Conor realizes his plans, he will certainly not fight Chandler in his first fight after returning. Namely, a few days ago, he announced that he will attack the title, which was met with fierce criticism from fans.