Justin Gaethje will accept Makhachev as the first challenger

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Justin Gaethje will accept Makhachev as the first challenger

Although there was a very tense debate for ten days earlier this month over who should be the next challenger for the UFC lightweight title, the situation suddenly calmed down. It was as if everyone said what they had, after which they decided to go on with their lives normally.

One of the fiercest participants in that debate was the man who was actually closest to the status that was the topic of it all, Justin Gaethje. He actually reacted very violently to Khabib Nurmagomedov, who was trying to promote his friend Islam Makhachev as a challenger, but also to Daniel Cormier, who also tried to push his teammate to the forefront.

The provoked him and that quite abruptly, but he admits it’s something that’s part of his character. "My character has gotten me in trouble many times in my life, but I'm someone who goes straight to head when something bothers him."

"When you see something I react immediately. When I saw what happened that night, I said what I thought because I was very unhappy and dissatisfied, ”Gaethje said in an interview with MMA Fighting, adding, “ If DC had been in my place and seen someone forcibly try to skip or ignore him, take his money from the table and his family’s food, he would have reacted just like me."


When things had settled down a bit, he revealed that he understood why Cormier did it, adding that he was convinced that the same should not have an impact on the course of events in the end. "I respect Cormier's work and what he's trying to do.

But, I repeat, not even DC can surpass the integrity of what I've done," he further confirmed. As for Makhachev, he also appreciates him and does not want to say anything bad about him. He simply rightly believes that the Dagestani has no references according to which he could or should skip him.

But that’s why he’s willing to give him a chance right after he takes the title home. "I will give him a chance to become the first challenger if he secures that position. I will beat one of these two, and then I will let him go first.

I look forward to that," Gaethje announced, who will follow the fight on December 11 between Charles Oliveira and Dustin Poirier with great interest. Gaeth will wait for his chance and show why he deserves it