Ngannou claims that people from the UFC set up a close encounter with Gane

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Ngannou claims that people from the UFC set up a close encounter with Gane
Ngannou claims that people from the UFC set up a close encounter with Gane (Provided by Sport World News)

Who would have thought that one short, a close encounter between Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gane would attract so much attention? The answer seems to lie in the UFC’s people who knew in advance what all would result from such a situation.

Namely, in the "backstage" of the UFC 268 event, Ciryl Gane, his coach Fernand Lopez and UFC fighter Nassourdine Imamov found themselves on the path where the heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou walked There is a lot of animosities on the Lopez-Ngannou route.

Predator was once a member of the MMA Factory in Paris but left the hall after an argument with Fernand Lopez. We often hear about their public conflict, and how bad the relations are, we saw during the mentioned situation in which Ngannou simply ignored everyone present.


In a conversation with Daniel Cormier, Francis tried to explain how such a situation came about in the first place, and according to the Cameroonian, it is a matter of intrigue by the UFC. '' That's exactly what they were waiting for in the UFC.

When you watch that video, they were waiting for me around the corner. They created that scene. One woman led us to our seats, my manager and me." "We were walking towards the sector and suddenly they told her something over the phone.

She said ‘Oh, sorry, I was wrong.’ And then turned around and we went back. On the way back, they were there (Gane, Lopez, and Imamov), '' Francis began. '' Tell me how it can be a coincidence. That's exactly what happened.

If you look again, just as I come around the corner, the guy with the camera is already there." "If you watch the video, he was there and as soon as I showed up, he zoomed in on me. Like in a movie scene, he was waiting for me there.

He knew I was coming, '' Ngannou explained. '' If I had only met Gane, I would have greeted him and asked what he's doing. I haven't even noticed Nassourdine and I don't have a problem with him." "I have no problem with Cyril either.

However, because of the guy next to him (Fernand Lopez), it would be embarrassing. If I only greet them and Fernand does not, and if they answer me, I think it would cause them problems." "This was a very confusing situation, '' Francis Ngannou concluded, explaining the controversial moment with the UFC 268 event.