Kamaru Usman had words of praise for GSP


Kamaru Usman had words of praise for GSP
Kamaru Usman had words of praise for GSP

Georges St-Pierre has long been the UFC’s welterweight champion. Specifically, from December 2007 to November 2013, when he retired after a fight against Johny Hendricks. What matters is that he withdrew without defeat.

Although the title was held after him by Hendricks, then Robbie Lawler, and then Tyron Woodley, GSP was constantly there with stories of a possible return. And no champion could be at peace when it comes to his return, everyone was actually hoping for Georges ’return and a fight to confirm who was truly the best.

That didn't happen. Georges returned in 2017, but only to deal with Michael Bisping for the middleweight title. He won that belt, then left it and finally withdrew.

Usman on GSP

Meanwhile, the champion has become the currently most dominant MMA fighter in the world, Kamaru Usman.

Although the Canadian closed his book, Usman could not remain immune to the influence he left in the division. "Georges is like a shadow over this division, like someone who has taken over it. At least I believe he was or is no longer.

When Tyron Woodley was champion, there was that shadow, as there was when it was Robbie Lawler." "Everyone know he's a champion who never lost his belt, and he was constantly there somewhere, he was in training. You could tell he was constantly there somewhere and no one could be sure he wouldn't come back." "It's like now with Khabib.

He took over the lightweight category because he went as an undefeated champion, you know what I mean? ”Usman said in the Full Send podcast. He is no longer thinking about a possible fight against Georges. It is clear to him that this is finally not so active anymore and that there is no real chance for a return, especially not a return where he would fight against a fighter in full force, as Kamaru is at the moment.

"GSP doesn't want that, I'm sure of it and that's fine with me. I let that ship sail since he's retired. Let him enjoy his peace and drink and eat whatever he wants," Usman said, who has a very good job ahead of him. He has defended the title five times so far but had to win against two challengers twice.

The list of those who are yet to come is quite large, and he can be confirmed as a bigger champion than GSP if he achieves more defending titles in a row. Georges had nine.

Kamaru Usman

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