Ben Askren responded to Nate Diaz's call out

Ben Askren did not accept Diaz's comments the best and is even ready to return to the sport

by Sead Dedovic
Ben Askren responded to Nate Diaz's call out

A lot of controversies arose from one statement by Ben Askren. Namely, the retired MMA fighter touched on Jake Paul and his boxing skills during a guest appearance on Lex Freidman's podcast. As a reminder, earlier this year, Paul knocked out Askren in the first round of their boxing match.

While no one still sees YouTuber as serious boxer, Askren claims they might even need to. '' I knew Tyron (Woodley) was a much better boxer than me. So I thought there was a good chance Tyron would beat him up, but there was a chance Jake was really good at this." "I think the final conclusion is that Jake is really good in some ways.

Obviously, he invests a lot of time in it. So he is not bad, I'll say so much, '' Ben said. UFC fighter Nate Diaz came across Askren's statements writing that this is the opinion of a retired wrestler who does not know how to fight or box.

Ben Askren did not accept Diaz's comments the best and is even ready to return to the sport to prove to him that he knows how to fight. "Nate is right, I suck at boxing. He sucks at MMA. If he wants me to prove it I can be in the USADA pool tomorrow.

Would be happy to be the last fight on his contract." - Ben wrote

MMA career

Askren had his last MMA match at the end of October 2019. Demian Maia overcame him by choking (RNC) in the third round of the fight and Ben then only appeared in a boxing match against Jake Paul.

Nate Diaz on the other hand is an active fighter but has only played two MMA matches in the last two years. He lost both (Masvidal, Edwards) and was left with one fight under a valid contract with the UFC. It’s hard to expect Ben Askren to be an interesting option for Diaz.

Askren could potentially be a dangerous opponent for Diaz, as Nate has often had problems with elite wrestlers throughout his career. However, considering how Askren looked in his UFC appearances, it’s hard to expect him to be a favorite against any welterweight at the moment.

More importantly, however, Ben Askren is no longer a name that attracts interest, and he is certainly not a fighter who would offer a spectacle in a match against Diaz. And that's exactly what Nate is most interested in.

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