Daniel Cormier furious over the impact of money in the UFC

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Daniel Cormier furious over the impact of money in the UFC

There are more and more situations in which top fighters are more interested in so-called "money fights" than in fights in which they can become champions of their categories. "Money fight" is a fight that potentially brings big profits, significantly higher than other matches.

The first association, if we’re talking about the UFC, is definitely Conor McGregor. The fight against the Irish star is attracting huge attention. and PPV figures are almost always record within the UFC. One of the fresher examples to opt for such matches is Dustin Poirier.

Many consider "Diamond" the best lightweight fighter, at least after the retirement of Khabib Nurmagomedov. However, Poirier put aside the attack on the title and played two consecutive matches against McGregor.

Dustin explained that the opportunity for a belt will not escape, and the opportunity to earn more than usual will not always be present. Max Holloway also acts as a fighter who would rather fight McGregor at this point than for the title held by Alexander Volkanovski.

Of course, Max needs to be understood as well. The fight between him and Conor McGregor would be really big and every fan would love to watch it. On the other hand, the third defeat by Volkanovski would totally distance him from the opportunity to win the featherweight belt again.

Still, despite all the logical explanations that would make the fighters opt for a "money fight" rather than a belt-fighting match, Daniel Cormier is a bit disappointed because money suppresses those sporting ambitions.

'' What happened to the title being the most important thing? Where did the importance of becoming a champion go? A guy like me, he loved having that belt around his waist." "I couldn't have imagined anything different, '' DC said in a video he posted on his YouTube channel.

Dustin Poirier and Max Holloway often knew how to say that the title of champion is the most important thing in this sport and that this is the main reason and motivation.

Cormier on the belt

However, in the case of Dustin Poirier, the practice has shown a slightly different picture, and Holloway has not yet been given a concrete opportunity to choose between a "money fight" and a "title shot"

'' I also love the money that came with it, of course. I made a lot of money. But if I were in the position of Dustin Poirier or Max Holloway, I’m not sure what I would have decided." "It's hard for me to blame them when you consider the differences in numbers that the fight against Conor McGregor brings, compared to fights with other guys, '' added Cormier, a former UFC heavyweight, and welterweight champion.

He understands the DC logic of all this and is aware of how fighters like to insure themselves financially. However, Cormier believes winning the title is closely linked to making more money and more lucrative contracts. '' For a long time, the fight against any champion was financially attractive, they held the belts.

Now the situation has changed. The world of sports is changing, and I think fighters are changing accordingly." "But I believe that everything is about the title, to those 13 ‘pounds’ (5.9kg) of gold.

In these 'money fights', you have to hope that it will raise you to a level where you are the guy at the top who holds the strings in his hands, '' Cormier explained.