Conor McGregor wants a title fight upon his return

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Conor McGregor wants a title fight upon his return

As Conor McGregor’s recovery continues, there is growing speculation about what the UFC will do for him in his comeback fight. There are several options, and what they all have in common is that the fight guarantees success.

You can easily put Conor McGregor against anyone relevant and PPV sales will be seven figures. One of the discussions was shared by journalist Mark Raimondi and it seems that he managed to provoke the reaction of McGregor.

He decided to stop all speculations and announce that there is only one option for him in return. Although he has a series of two defeats in his "score", he claims that he will fight for the lightweight title. "Hi lads, here goes ..

clicks and the like. Your boss and what not. The Mac.
Santy Claus.
I’m facing whoever the fu*k has that LW title next. Deal with it.
Take off your goggles and mark the trilogy “unfinished”. Deal with that too.
The rest mentioned, after this.

With. It "- he posted on Twitter

Attack on the title

While we know that Conor McGregor in the UFC can do whatever he wants or at least could have done it sooner, with his attack on the title, few but his subjective fans will agree.

As already mentioned, the Irishman was defeated twice in a row, both times by Dustin Poirier, and he won the last fight in the lightweight category in November 2016. It was the fight in which he took the title away from Eddie Alvarez and it remains his only victory in that category to this day.

That attack on the title was already considered underserved by many. Dana White mentioned earlier that he intends to do McGregor's fourth fight against Dustin Poirier, which he also announced as a mandatory plan with this status, but the UFC president did not want to specify whether this is possible immediately after Conor recovers from injury, especially if Dustin holds the belt.

What will certainly benefit Conor's wishes is that the champion, whoever he was at the time, will not make any trouble about McGregor's eventual challenger status. Everyone is well aware of what it means financially to fight against the most popular fighter in the world.

The UFC is aware of all this, so we must not rule out the option in which McGregor's plans will come true. Unfortunately, we have to be prepared for that, whatever we think about it