Darren Till wants Cannonier to be his next opponent

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Darren Till wants Cannonier to be his next opponent

It can be said that Darren Till is not experiencing the best moments of his career. The Liverpool fighter has been defeated in four of his last five appearances and is currently in a series of two defeats in a row. It all started in 2018 with the first defeat in his career.

Tyron Woodley defeated Till in a match for the welterweight champion, and the fight after that was followed by a heavy knockout defeat by Jorge Masvidal. Darren moved into the middleweight division after that, defeated Kelvin Gastelum, and immediately positioned himself high in the category.

However, Robert Whittaker and Derek Brunson brought him back to reality and the 28-year-old has a lot of work to do in the coming period. Still, despite the fact that he desperately needs a victory in his next performance, Till still hopes to fight the best fighters in the category.

'' The UFC told me, 'Darren, we're with you. We know your potential, we really love you, you are always there for us, you are ready to fight with anyone, anytime. ' "I agreed with that, and they asked me who I wanted to fight.

I replied that I like Jared Cannonier as the next opponent. They were amazed and asked me if I really wanted to fight Jared already, '' Till said as a guest on Michael Bisping's Believe You Me podcast.

Cannonier and Strickland

By the way, Jared Cannonier is the third-ranked challenger of the UFC middleweight division, and in the first month of next year, he will fight Derek Brunson.

If Jared manages to celebrate in that match, he will most likely have the opportunity to attack the belt, after Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker have a rematch that has not yet been officially arranged. So it’s hard to expect Till from eighth place in the challenger rankings to get a chance to fight Cannonier, especially since Jared already has a match scheduled.

Cannonier would become a more likely option for Till possibly in the event of a defeat against Brunson. However, it seems that Darren is aware that he has nothing from that match, so he turned to some other potential opponents.

'' They threw a few options in front of me. One fight I really like is the one against Sean Strickland. They offered him too, and I had met Sean several times already and told him I would be happy to fight him if he wanted to."

"I think he is a good fighter and that would be a good fight. I'm still fighting the best and that's just the way it is, '' Till said. Sean Strickland is currently in seventh place in the challenger rankings, with a string of five wins.

Strickland was supposed to fight this month at UFC 268, but Luke Rockhold canceled his performance due to injury and Strickland was left without an opponent.