Cormier forgot Brady's name, Sean called him out

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Cormier forgot Brady's name, Sean called him out
Cormier forgot Brady's name, Sean called him out (Provided by Sport World News)

Fifteenth career victory in as many appearances was recorded by Sean Brady at last night’s UFC Fight Night 198 event. The talented, soon-to-be 29-year-old (his birthday is in two days, op.a.) defeated Michael Chiesa by a unanimous decision and thus recorded his fifth UFC victory.

Slightly in the shadow of Khamzat Chimaev is Brady when talking about the upcoming welters. However, Sean has defeated sixth-ranked challenger Chiesa and it will be interesting to see what the standings look like from next week.

Brady has been in 14th place so far. The main weapons of the Philadelphia guy are wrestling and BJJ, and that’s exactly how he came to last night’s celebration. Five times he knocked down his opponent and a good part of the fight was controlled by his back.

Sean likes to say for himself that he is the best grappler in the category, and it is interesting that the American fighter, unlike many fighters, does not have the experience of wrestling in college or high school. '' I am grappling with wrestlers is the highest level and they always ask my coach, 'What college did this guy wrestle for?' I have never wrestled, not a single day in my life (referring to an earlier stage of life, op.a.)." "This is simply what I do and I'm the best at it, '' Brady said in an interview with Daniel Cormier shortly after the victory over Maverick.

By the way, just during the conversation with Cormier, an interesting and somewhat humorous situation occurred. Namely, near the end of the conversation, Cormier forgot the name of the fighter he was talking to and went to consult Brady's coach in a bit of a panic.

Call out

Eventually, DC coped with the help of a coach and a director who helped him over the phone. During Sean’s press conference, Cormier was in transit, and Brady called him out for the aforementioned situation.

'' You forgot my name. It hurts, it really hurts. You better follow me back on Instagram tonight, '' Brady said, to which Cormier replied that he already was, but Brady still claimed that was not true. The former UFC welterweight and heavyweight champion tried to justify himself and found an excuse for his poor memory in the consequences of what he had been doing for a good part of his life.

'' I said your name five times. If I forgot, it's because I was making a living by getting hit in the head, '' Cormier explained, and Brady said several times that he loved him. Cases like this are no stranger to Daniel Cormier, who forgot the name of another fighter he interviewed last month.

It was Jared Gordon then, and this time the victim of Cormier’s poor memory or concentration was Sean Brady. If Brady continues with the performances he has shown so far, no one will forget his name.