Al Iaquinta announced his retirement

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Al Iaquinta announced his retirement

Earlier this month at UFC 268, Al Iaquinta returned to the arena. A lot was expected from his fight against Bobby Green, but it didn’t work out. “Ragin‘ Al ”did a performance far from what his nickname would mean.

The long absence from the Octagon often results in great desire and motivation among the fighters, but this was not the case with Iaquinta. He acted like someone who was doing well outside of the Octagon and no longer seems to be attracted to the arena.

After all, he admitted this in his podcast, where he announced his retirement, as he sees no point in the sequel. "Fighting again? No, I think I'm done with it, I'd say that's it. Just look at how it all ended.

Of course, I want to fight to win, but it's not worth the effort." "You saw what Michael did to Chandler and Justin Gaethje, they took the life from each otker. It's not worth it, "Iaquinta said, his face showing that what had happened no longer attracted him in any other way than as a spectator.


As for his performance, it’s not hard to conclude that it was one of his worse performances. "To be honest with you, this is the first fight I've ever actually given up on. He didn't knock me out.

After he hit me and after I fell, I just turned around and covered." "I was aware of everything, I knew what I was doing. I just wanted to go out. I was aware that he hit me hard and that it wouldn't end up being a good night for me."

"I wasn't convinced of myself and my readiness, "he confirmed, adding that his very view of everything had changed quite a bit: "I watched people give up and it would never be clear, I couldn't figure it out.

But going into a fight for me right now is not life-changing money." "When you're younger it's normal for injuries to happen and heal. But I'm 34 now. When something happens now, it may not heal. Of course, it can always be solved with surgery, but I never want surgery again.

" With such a state of mind there really is nothing to do in this sport at the highest level. Retirement should really be the right move for someone who feels that way. Iaquinta will probably make a decision in the end, because he is aware that in that way he will not be able to continue.