Daniel Cormier selected his top five boxers in MMA history

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Daniel Cormier selected his top five boxers in MMA history

Max Holloway’s new impressive victory led to a new big public debate for the martial public. The same was initiated by Holloway himself after he once again expressed his opinion on the issue of the best boxer in MMA, where he put himself first.

This led to various thoughts, and Daniel Cormier took the opportunity to arrange his scale and release it to the public. He did so within his ESPN show DC&RC, which he co-hosts with Ryan Clarke, where his colleague joined him with his own chart.

Cormier started his list by placing Junior Dos Santos in fifth place, Conor McGregor fourth, and Petr Yan third. I put Max Holloway in second place, while he dedicated the first place to the realistically best boxer who tried his hand at MMA, James Toney.

But is one fight that the former boxing champion, quite experimentally, did against Randy Couture enough to take that position? Especially since he didn't even get a chance to box at the same time. As for Clark, he started by putting Conor McGregor in fifth place.

The fourth-place went to Peter Yan, while he put Junior Dos Santos at number 3. The second position also belongs to Holloway, while he put someone whom Cormier did not remember in the first place. It is about his former opponent Anderson Silva.

Clark also chose the five names that needed to be mentioned. Holly Holm, Cody Garbrandt, Dominic Cruz, Vitor Belfort and Amanda Nunes. Of course, everyone has the right to their own subjective opinion, and so do we.

Cormier and Clarke's selection

Cormier’s selection of Top 5 Boxers in MMA 1.

James Toney
2. Max Holloway
3. Petr Yan
4. Conor McGregor
5. Junior Dos Santos Clarke’s selection of Top 5 Boxers in MMA 1. Anderson Silva
2. Max Holloway
3. Junior Dos Santos
4. Petr Yan
5. Conor McGregor It turns out that there are a lot of quality boxers in the UFC who have dominated the UFC for years and used their strongest weapons in the best way.

Toney was known for his great boxing qualities, but his career is over, so now we have some good boxers like Holloway, McGregor, Anderson Silva, Petar Yan Of course boxing alone is not enough to be a quality MMA fighter, but most of the fighters on the list have shown that perhaps that is the most important thing. They do not say, their results say so