One of the best wrestlers in history is thinking about MMA

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One of the best wrestlers in history is thinking about MMA

Interesting news was shared by Jordan Burroughs during last night’s guest appearance at the MMA Hour. One of the greatest wrestlers in history, he is extremely interested in the transition to MMA, more precisely, for at least one match.

Burroughs has already talked about this topic many times, and it seemed that back in 2012, after the Olympics, he could make that transition. That didn’t happen though, and Burroughs continued to build his legacy in wrestling.

Five worlds and one Olympic gold are just part of his rich treasury of trophies and medals. However, the desire for MMA performance is growing. ‘I feel like I have some call deep inside me. Once it's all over when my body is destroyed by wrestling and when I leave the sport, I'll always ask myself 'Damn, what if I got into a cage?' " "And I don’t want to live with that grief.

So, at the moment, I'm thinking about whether it makes sense to do an MMA fight and how it makes sense, '' Jordan began, and then explained what issues he was going through in his head.


'' Okay, can we do that? Is it even possible? Will someone take me just for one single event? Does my wife agree with this and can I fit it into my schedule? Also, I’m thinking about whether I can still be the best wrestler in the world and at the same time dedicate myself to MMA?" "Sometimes while hunting for two things, you don’t get any of them.

I hope I can keep my position in wrestling by being the best I can be, but I just have a passion (for MMA). I have such a strong desire to get into the cage and find out what I can offer, '' Burroughs explained. The 33-year-old wrestler is aware that he does not have too much time ahead of him.

During a conversation with Ariel Helwani, he said that he plans to wrestle until around the age of 37, so the 2024 Olympics could be his last tournament if he qualifies for it. '' I'm getting older. As time goes on, my body feels more and more every tournament and championship.

I began to wonder, how much longer can I stay in this?" " I’ll be honest with you, I recently won another World Cup, I equaled the record, and I won $ 50,000. I’ve worked hard all summer, I’ve been dedicated, focused, and my fee is less than $ 100,000."

"(MMA) I could do the fight for four or five times more money and I'm thinking about it more and more often, '' Jordan Burroughs said.