Kevin Lee found out how long he would be suspended:

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Kevin Lee found out how long he would be suspended:

In the second half of October, information emerged that Kevin Lee had tested positive for doping. Lee battled Daniel Rodriguez in late August, and apart from the bitter taste of defeat, the bitterness increased with a positive doping test.

"Motown Phenom" was positive for amphetamines, and via Instagram, he tried to explain what actually happened. "Testing after my last fight showed I was above the limit. In 2018 I was diagnosed with adult ADHD and that's what hit me.

I didn't find the right therapy until 2020 when I was recovering from double knee surgery." "I was prescribed Adderall to improve my mental state. I told that to the USADA representatives, but before the last fight, I did not apply for the therapeutic exemption that the commission would give me," Lee began, and then apologized.

"That’s why I apologize to the UFC, the commission, the opponent, Dana White, matchmakers, and fans. I never intended to achieve an unfair performance advantage. It was an attempt to fight the anxiety I struggle with every day."

"I am cooperating with the commission and I hope that we will reach an agreement soon. I will use this time to recover and come back stronger. I apologize for the lack of professionalism, ”Lee wrote at the time in a post he later deleted from his Instagram profile.

The UFC welterweight has reached an agreement with the Athletic Commission in Nevada. Namely, Kevin was sentenced to a six-month suspension and a fine of 19526 US dollars on Wednesday. The suspension expires on February 28, 2022.

Lee's decision

Lee would otherwise have been punished with a nine- to 24-month suspension for his offense. However, taking into account the overall situation and Kevin’s collaboration in the research, a shortened suspension was proposed.

Kevin kept a second post on Instagram in which he commented on his problems, and apart from a slightly longer review, Lee also posted a video in which he solves his pills by shaking them down the drain. '' I’ll just speak as a human not as a fighter right now.

I’ve been embarrassed these last few weeks since knowing this news would come out. I always knew my brain worked different than other people and I’ve tried to hide my whole life." "Before i started taking medicine I spent a lot of my time drunk.

I been scared knowing that the world would know exactly what’s wrong with me." "But from now, fu** all that. Im not embarrassed and I’m not hiding behind diagnosis’s and pills or alcohol or none of that no more.

I haven’t been drunk for about a month (which is a lot for me outside of fight camp) and no more prescriptions." "Not that I think they are wrong or harmful but this next stage of healing I need to be sober and connected with god. Making a post is holding me accountable, if there’s one person out there like me I’m with you.. "