Volkanovski explained the main problem of Holloway

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Volkanovski explained the main problem of Holloway

Max Holloway from fight to fight, delights with the number of punches he hits his opponents. The 29-year-old hit his opponent Yair Rodriguez last weekend with as many as 230 significant shots, and if we look at the overall numbers, Holloway is the absolute record holder.

Namely, Holloway has as many as 2848 significant blows hit, and second-placed Frankie Edgar has over a thousand less, 1799 to be precise. Considering Max's age, the difference will be bigger and bigger. Holloway likes to say for himself that he is the best boxer within the UFC, however, lightweight champion Alexander Volkanovski focuses on some other statistics.

'' Man, Max gets a lot of blows. He’s a fighter who throws a lot of them but has no problem receiving one, before sending several. However, how long can it be like that?" "I'm telling you, that chin will leave him soon.

He will leave very soon. You can’t receive that much damage. Yes, everyone is talking about the three thousand blows he hit and that’s amazing." "Applause for that. But he received probably between 1,000 and 2,000 blows.

That's not healthy, '' Volkanovski said at the MMA Hour. By the way, the famous site "MMA By The Numbers" singled out the fact that Holloway received 1110 significant blows to the head and thus is also in the infamous first place.


Conor McGregor last week also commented that Holloway receives too many blows and cannot thus be characterized as the best boxer. However, Max has never been shaken in his career and to some extent, he can afford such a way of fighting, at least for now.

'' Conor McGregor actually touched on that and he was right. If we are talking about boxers, the goal is to hit without receiving blows. That’s what makes someone the best boxer." "So it’s clear that he hits a lot if we look at the numbers, but let’s look at the other statistics as well.

Let’s look at the ratios of shots hit and received. I don’t think he’s any more impressive in that regard than I am. Let's talk about the right numbers, "Volkanovski added. By the way, Holloway and Volkanovski fought twice, and Volkanovski celebrated both times.

The 33-year-old Australian hit 296 significant shots in those two matches, while Holloway with 246 was still somewhat less successful in those matches. After Max’s win against Yair Rodriguez, it’s very likely we’ll watch the trilogy.

Alexander Volkanovski does not hide that he respects his biggest rival, but the desire to win is no less than usual. '' At the end of the day, I respect Max Holloway. He is a real player. I sit here hoping to knock him out, but at the same time, I have to pay my respects to him.

It's fun." "Don’t get me wrong, his matches are great to watch. But at the same time, you can’t fight like that forever. The chin will leave him. We'll see in the next fight if that happens. I'm going to ask for a knockout, '' the UFC lightweight champion concluded.