Michael Chandler wants a fight against McGregor

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Michael Chandler wants a fight against McGregor

Impressions from last weekend and the UFC 268 show slowly subsided. Michael Chandler and Justin Gaethje were one of the main stars at that show, and their fight lived up to all expectations. While Justin Gaethje focused on the very top of the category after the victory and lobbied loudly for his "title shot", Michael Chandler turned to other options.

The 35-year-old American fighter is currently the fifth-ranked challenger in the UFC lightweight division. He has lost the last two matches to Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje and needs a win in the next match. The fighter Chandler would love to fight is Conor McGregor, also the biggest MMA star, no matter what promotion they talk about.

McGregor and Chandler had a short exchange via Twitter, but there was no lack of mutual respect during the call out, to be more precise, everything went in a positive tone. Clearly, almost everyone wants to fight Conor McGregor.

First of all, the match against "Notorious" is the most financially profitable, and the fight against the Irishman attracts all possible attention of the MMA world. Michael Chandler, however, claims that there are some additional reasons why he wants this match.

'' MMA is better as a sport because they have Conor McGregor. They are bigger and have more spectators because of everything Conor has done." "Sharing the Octagon with him is something I want to do. It's not about paying off and 'Red panty night' (Conor's term meaning a special occasion, or fighting against it, op.a.) '', said Chandler during a guest appearance at the MMA Hour.

Gaethje fight

The great Chandler also looked back on his match against Justin Gaethje. Despite the defeat, Chandler gained a mass of new fans he delighted with his fighting spirit and courage. Of course, Michael would like it if he celebrated in such a match, but he went home with his head held high and there is nothing to regret because he did his best.

'' If there's ever been a defeat that feels like a victory, it's this one. You all were the beneficiaries of it, "Iron explained. It’s hard to disagree with Michael Chandler, and we’ll look forward to his next match, perhaps just against Conor McGregor who is still recovering from a severe leg fracture he suffered in the seventh month, against Dustin Poirier.

Maybe Chanlder will give us another big fight, which we will definitely enjoy. Now it's McGregor's turn, who certainly already has plans for the future