Gaethje calls out Poirier, Dustin gave an interesting answer

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Gaethje calls out Poirier, Dustin gave an interesting answer

Justin Gaethje is getting louder after the win against Michael Chandler, the weekend before last at the UFC 268 event. The second-ranked lightweight challenger is aware that his position as the next challenger is not fully secured, as Islam Makhachev and Beneil Dariush are also justifiably seeking their chance.

Therefore, Gaethje also works outside the cage, that is, he increasingly calls out fighters from the very top. There are a series of interviews in which Justin spoke of Charles Oliveira as a fighter who has no fighting spirit and gives up too easily, and a few days ago, "Highlight" touched on Dustin Poirier, who will try to reach the UFC Lightweight Championship title, currently held by Charles Oliveira.

'' If he beats Charles Oliveira, I don't know if he'll fight me. I think he will leave the sport and retire, '' Gaethje said in a conversation with Damon Martin. By the way, Poirier and Gaethje fought in 2018, and Dustin celebrated by knockout in the fourth round.

It seems that Justin wants revenge for that defeat and with such 'stings' he hopes to encourage Poirier to stay in the sport so that the two of them can do their revenge. During his visit to the MMA Hour, Poirier referred to Justin's statement.

'' It's exciting, it gets people interested. He hopes to bite that bait. Ah, that Gaethje, I have to admit he started talking more and more, but that's the way this game is." "People talk and try to order some things to themselves.

They play with what they have, and that’s exactly what he does. Good for him, I’m a fan of his. I have nothing bad to say about him, but I beat him that night in his town. What else can I say? '' Diamond began.


Dustin also answered a specific question about retirement, ie whether he really plans to retire if he wins the belt against "Do Bronx" on December 11. '' No, man, I'm a fighter. I’m rich enough, especially after a year like this and I could retire.

I’m in a great position, but these guys need a beating, and I’m the type who will afford it. I can't retire in that way, '' Poirier explained. Justin Gaethje did a real war against Michael Chandler last weekend.

It’s actually a typical fight by Justin Gaethje who has gone through a few such relentless matches, and Poirier isn’t exactly a fan of such matches where a lot of damage is done. '' Hell, this is bad for both of us.

These guys are crazy about getting so much damage. But I think I would beat them both if they fought me like that." "You have to be more technically sophisticated. You can’t go to pure strength and be just a ball to break.

I would play such a match against them like a matador, '' said the first challenger in the lightweight category. In the end, Dustin Poirier once again looked at the potential retirement. '' I'm not leaving the sport. I'm a young man and I'm at the top right now. "