Jon Jones sees experience as the main weapon in the next fight

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Jon Jones sees experience as the main weapon in the next fight

In the second month of 2020, Jon Jones did his currently last MMA match. The Bones then defended the light heavyweight belt by defeating Dominic Reyes. Jon soon left that category and decided to move to the "royal" heavyweight category.

However, we are still waiting for his debut, and apparently, we will wait until the middle of next year. Jones is working hard to gain muscle mass, and to some extent, he is waiting for the outcome at the top of the heavyweight category.

In the first month of 2022, on January 22, Francis Ngannou will defend his title against the interim champion, Ciryl Gane. Gane is one of the fighters that is attracting more and more attention and interest from the fans.

The 31-year-old Frenchman made his UFC debut in 2019 and came up with as many as seven victories. Gane is undefeated in all 10 professional MMA appearances, and he especially delights with his technique and movements that do not suit a heavyweight of his size.

The Frenchman is an extremely fast and athletic fighter and we can often hear or read how such a heavyweight has never appeared inside the UFC before.

Jones on Gane

Of course, the fight against Ngannou will offer answers to some questions.

Meanwhile, one of Jones ’followers, via Twitter, asked‘ ‘Bones’ ’what he thought of Gane as his potential opponent in the future. ‘I think it’s pretty unique for a heavyweight. However, I feel that the world is not ready for my uniqueness.

I believe my light heavyweight experience will be the biggest difference in my future fights. ’’ Jones replied. A former UFC welterweight champion and one of the greatest fighters ever, also shared how his transformation into a heavyweight is progressing along the way.

‘‘ It will be nice to compete without starvation and dehydration in a week of fighting. I feel good in the body of a heavyweight, but I still need to get bigger and stronger. Very fast.' ' It is easily possible that Ciryl Gane will be Jones' first opponent in the heavyweight division.

UFC leaders will almost certainly give Jones a chance to attack the belt right away, and by all accounts, Jones will be fighting the winner of the fight between Ngannou and Gane Whoever his opponent is will have a difficult task, just like Jones.

Most are aware of how great a fighter Jones is and what abilities he has, but maybe the time has just come for someone to dethrone him.