Charles Oliveira is not upset about being underestimated by others

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Charles Oliveira is not upset about being underestimated by others

While there are ongoing debates among fighters, analysts, and fans about who should be the next challenger for the UFC lightweight title, the next such fight has yet to happen. In it, champion Charles Oliveira will have a challenge in the character and work of Dustin Poirier, and their fight is the main one on the program of the UFC 269 event, which takes place on December 11th.

As Poirier refused to attack the title in the middle of this year, with the intention of fighting Conor McGregor for the third time before, many believe that this is the only real fight for the title, that is, the one that Oliveira won in the victory over Michael Chandler is not exactly relevant, since the real challenger didn’t fight for it.

Of course, such statements bother the Brazilian, who came to his success absolutely deservedly. "There will always be someone after the victory who will say that now I have to beat someone next. But that's our job, we keep fighting and building history, we stay focused on the goal."

"And the goal is to provide good fights. I always wanted to fight the best and I want to keep doing it, "Oliveira said in an interview for the MMA Fighting podcast, adding: "No one in the world has a series like me.

Nine wins in a row, and only one referee's decision. You've seen it all and you can't dispute it. Many say I have to beat Dustin to prove I'm a champion. But I did, before this year I won the belt that I will now defend.



Still, he must be happy with the opportunity to defend the title against a fighter who is considered by many to be No. 1 and who is even ahead of him in the UFC’s pound4pound rankings. If he succeeds, after that the disputes should definitely disappear.

"On December 11, we will be there to check who is the best and who is not. There is not much to say. We will find out only when we oppose each other. I believe in myself." "I think I own more weapons than Poirier.

Anyone who thinks he's number 1 should take a look at my last and his last fight." "I have firepower in my hands and I have jiu-jitsu. I respect him a lot, but I want to stay the champion, I want to keep this belt as long as possible.

And I don't care what everyone else says, "he said. He does not hide, however, that the lack of respect bothers him a little, which is why he is automatically satisfied with the opportunity to change that with every fight.

But, in his opinion, it is going quite slowly, if you know how long he has been there and what he has done. "It took me eleven years and nine wins in a row to become a champion, and besides, I have the most bonuses and forced submissions in UFC history. I'm the man who took the longest time to get to the belt. I think I deserve respect."