Khamzat Chimaev could be on the UFC 'battlefield' soon!

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Khamzat Chimaev could be on the UFC 'battlefield' soon!

It took very little time in the arena for Khamzat Chimaev to reawaken the hype he had created with his appearance on UFC’s Fight Island last summer, which had subsided a bit due to his absence from the arena. Some strange finger of fate then led to a positive COVID-19 test by Duško Todorović, after which "Borz" jumped into the fight against John Phillips as a replacement.

And that’s where the story of this amazing fighter began. With the victory against Li Jingliang, he convinced everyone that he was something special. After all, no matter what his opponents were, and on the UFC roster, there still can’t be someone who’s a bad fighter, being hit only twice in four fights is something that was unthinkable until his appearance.

And that’s exactly why everyone is looking forward to the announcement of his next fight. There is no doubt that the time has come to test him against someone from the elite. That seems to be exactly what will happen.

Namely, Front kick. online came to information that was transmitted by other media, that Khamzat was offered a fight against Gilbert Burns and that negotiations are underway.


For now, not much is known other than that.

We just know the UFC would want to organize that fight in January, not December, which Khamzat chose as the term he likes best. Burns really seems like a top exam, as he is a great fighter on his feet, but even better on the ground, especially from the back.

If Khamzat were able to put his standard tactics of taking the fight to the floor and dominating the ground floor against him, it would be confirmed that he was truly something special. In fact, not only that but a fighter who is ready to attack the title of the champion as soon as possible.

As for Burns, he attacked the title earlier this year and at one point threw Kamaru Usman into problems the champion had not encountered before. However, Gilbert chose a bad tactic after that and failed to finish the fight.

Usman recovered and reversed the fight later finishing him. Burns came back after that by defeating Stephen Thompson and currently acts as if he is only one big win away from securing the references needed for a new title attack.

Shutting down the “Chimaev hype” would certainly be enough to serve that purpose, although it won't be easy at all