Max Holloway declared victory in McGregor's manner

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Max Holloway declared victory in McGregor's manner

No one is surprised that the media war between Max Holloway and Conor McGregor intensified after Max's new great victory, the one he achieved after five rounds of a spectacular clash against Yair Rodriguez. In the eight years that have passed since their fight with each other, they have achieved quite different careers, but some tensions are constantly there and intensify during the fight of one of them.

This time Max didn't deal too much with the Irishman right after his fight and the big win. He cited him as his possible option, as one of the eventual next opponents and he stopped there at that point. Yet one post on Twitter is actually an indirect provocation precisely towards McGregor.

After all, Max referred to his statement. In fact, he quoted the bizarre attitude of McGregor, which he presented just before the third clash against Dustin Poirier in July. He then stated that he considers his ratio to be 19-1, ie that he has only been defeated once.

He explained that he only admits knockouts and that he does not include fights that end in a referee's decision or submission in his resume. With a quote from that statement, Max wrote briefly, "Undefeated."

And that's enough. Max and Conor could certainly meet in the future, but the chances are small that it will be in the Hawaiian warrior’s next match. McGregor, however, is still in the recovery phase from surgery to repair a broken leg experienced in the aforementioned third fight against Poirier.

But in the coming days, poisonous verbal arrows could be multiplied and sent towards each other. If nothing else, it could be fun.

Hospital car

There will be a long talk about the fight provided by Max Holloway and Yair Rodriguez.

Holloway only once again confirmed his quality, but also his readiness to always give the audience the fight they want to see. The Mexican suffered only the second defeat in his career, but he probably earned more respect in it than in all the victories so far.

And there is no doubt that fans and promotion will appreciate him more from now on. Immediately after the fight, they greeted each other and shared a number of compliments, but that was probably not enough for Holloway. As both were directed to the hospital immediately after the event due to the number of blows received, Holloway jumped into the hospital car in front of the UFC's APEX in which there was his opponent and congratulated him once again and expressed satisfaction with the war they had carried out.

As Yair’s wrestling coach, Israel Martinez, was also present, he took the opportunity from the front row to take a photo that would surely become part of MMA history.