Jon Jones revealed in which hall he will train from now on

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Jon Jones revealed in which hall he will train from now on

It didn’t take long before Jon Jones chose a gym where he would train and continue preparing for his return to the Octagon and attack on the UFC heavyweight throne. After a not-so-nice parting with Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn, that is, with the aforementioned coaches, Jones will not be physically far apart.

He will return to the gym where he has already trained, only in slightly different circumstances. It’s Jackson’s MMA Acoma Hall, also located in Albuquerque. It’s actually the hall where Jones began his MMA journey, as Greg Jackson’s main hall used to be there before it moved into the better and more modern space it is in now.

This hall has remained as part of Jackson’s “brand” and is run by former MMA fighter Nick Urso. Jones decided to reveal his return to the famous walls via a post on Instagram. " I want to sincerely thank gym owner/ coach Nick Urso and everyone at the original Jackson’s MMA program for allowing me to call their dojo my new home base."

"I was so proud to see the condition of the gym, it was so well taken care of and the energy felt amazing exactly the way it was before." "It has wonderful memories of my time learning from GSP, Sugar Evans, The dean of mean and so many more.

I won my first world title out of this gym. I am grateful to have this comfortable place for both my local and visiting training partners to come enjoy. The best is yet to come!"Jones wrote with a video of coming to the gym.

Reminder As a reminder, after the last incident, Jones was temporarily removed from his long-term team by the decision of Mike Winkeljohn, with the message that he can return when he puts his life in order. He was obviously too affected by this so he decided not to come back.

He did so without too much need to create tensions, stating that the hall's program was no longer what it used to be and that he needed something new. Jones' last appearance dates back to February 2020, when he still defeated Dominic Reyes as the light heavyweight champion.

After that, he first withdrew and then announced his return as a heavyweight, but only when he decides to bring his body into a state that satisfies him. For now, this is still not the case and it seems that we could watch his return in the spring of next year at the earliest.