Jose Aldo reveals that he is on good terms with Conor

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Jose Aldo reveals that he is on good terms with Conor

The rivalry of Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor while both were at the top of the lightweight category was one of the most popular and greatest in UFC history. A handful of "trash talk" and various shootings took place at press conferences, guest appearances on various shows, and through social networks.

The two fighters finally fought in late 2015, and McGregor celebrated after just 13 seconds, knocking out the legendary Brazilian. Despite all the tensions that preceded the match, the "evil blood" between "Notorious" and Jose Aldo is no more active.

Respect is now mutual, and we recently had a chance to see McGregor stand up in defense of Jose Aldo. Namely, Khabib Nurmagomedov talked about Aldo in the eighth month, that is, the Dagestani criticized the Brazilian, saying that his peak had passed and that he was a fighter who was only there for the money.

The Irishman did not like Khabib's criticism of Aldo. '' Another press conference. Haha for what? You're doing a bunch of nothing. You and Cerrone should have fought a long time ago, and you never had the courage to do that match."

"You ran away and now you talk like a housewife. Aldo is 100 times better a fighter than you, '' said Conor, who defended his once-great rival.

Aldo on the gift

In an interview for the Trocação Franca podcast, Jose Aldo confirmed that he and Conor have been on good terms since 2016, when Aldo won the title of interim lightweight champion, defeating Frankie Edgar.

'' After fighting Frankie Edgar and winning the title again, McGregor and I were in the same hotel. He saw me and even sent me a gift congratulating me on the belt I just won, '' Aldo said, and then looked further at the gift, but did not want to reveal what exactly it was.

'' It's intimate. He knows that and sent it to my room. I don't see a problem with that. It was a way to show love to me and my family. It was really intimate. It was nice. I don't know what his intentions were, but it was nice.

" The paths of Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor completely diverged after their match. The Irishman moved to a higher category where he managed to reach the belt, but everything after that was not particularly successful.

Jose Aldo on the other hand has dropped into the bantamweight category and is currently the fifth challenger and is in a series of two consecutive wins.