Max Holloway didn't want to wait for the belt fight

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Max Holloway didn't want to wait for the belt fight

An interesting main fight awaits us this weekend at the UFC Fight Night 197 event. Yair Rodriguez and Max Holloway because of their fighting styles guarantee a spectacular match that should take place entirely in the stand.

Still, many wonder why Holloway agreed to this match. Namely, Max is first in the ranking of challengers, champion Alexander Volkanovski defeated second-ranked challenger Brian Ortega at the end of the ninth month and no one could blame UFC leaders for arranging a trilogy between Max and Volkanovski.

Yair Rodriguez on the other hand is a dangerous opponent, but Holloway clarified his decision when visiting MMA Hour. '' I didn't want to wait until next year. I wanted to fight. Anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Let's go!

'', Max explained. Holloway revealed in the continuation of the conversation that he would get a "title shot" even if he refused the match against Yair Rodriguez. The UFC did not condition his victory against the Mexican as something by which he would secure a new chance against Volkanovski.

'' They told me I didn't have to agree to this fight, that I could wait for an attack on the belt. However, that does not suit me. I talked to my team, told them my opinion and they all agreed. And here we are. '', Added the former UFC lightweight champion.

Max Holloway is not without reason one of the most beloved fighters on the entire roster. He is a true warrior who never disappoints with his relentless approach and incredibly attractive fights.


It seems that the 29-year-old "Blessed" simply does not want to be the type of fighter who will wait for the opportunity and feel that he is destined for something, no matter what.

'' The UFC doesn't have a tournament-like structure. Therefore, a bunch of these guys are just waiting for the elevator. They wait for the elevator to take them to the top." "I am not a person waiting for an elevator.

There is no order on the stairs and therefore you can find me there - on the stairs. This is not something new for me and my team." "We don’t want to be divas from the elevators. I just want to get in the cage and keep doing my job.

Everyone can conclude who I am talking about, you can choose who are the elevator divas in this sport, '' Holloway explained. It is not surprising that Holloway achieved nine victories before fighting for the belt for the first time, for the interim champion of the lightweight category.

Max then defeated Anthony Pettis, recording his tenth celebration in a row. After that match, he got a chance against Jose Aldo for the undisputed champion of the featherweight category. So, Max only reached the title of champion after the eleventh consecutive victory, but he states that he is not the type of fighter who will sit on the sidelines and wait for an opportunity.