Cormier changed his mind: Gaethje will attack the belt

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Cormier changed his mind: Gaethje will attack the belt

It sparked a bit between Justin Gaethje and Daniel Cormier during the UFC 267 event. Gaethje felt that Cormier was not objective while performing the duty of commentator, and he was specifically bothered by the way DC commented on the fight between Islam Makhachev and Dan Hooker.

The Dagestani celebrated convincingly, and Cormier was extremely enthusiastic about his friend and teammate and pushed him to the forefront in terms of the next challenger in the lightweight category. Gaethje did not like this way of doing commentary work.

Still, Cormier and Gaethje appreciate each other and there was no major quarrel between the two, and DC praised Gaethje for a very good performance at the UFC 268 event. ‘‘ Chandler went out there and he threw every shot with one hundred percent strength, and Gaethje was precise with his shots, he had the answer to everything and he actually did his job."

"Everything with Justin that happened the weekend before. I said how I felt, and he was offended. But during the week after that weekend, not a single second he was angry and furious at me. He didn’t approach me in an angry way.

’’ Daniel Cormier explained via his Youtube channel.


DC seems to have diminished his enthusiasm around Islam Makhachev as the next challenger and now highlights Justin as a fighter who deserves to attack the belt after Oliveira and Poirier do their match next month.

‘‘ You know what? He (Gaethje) entered that cage that night and did everything he needed to secure an attack on the title. He fought Michael Chandler and defeated him - a very trained and well-prepared Chandler."

"I take my hat off to Justin Gaethje and honestly, I believe he will be the guy who will fight for the belt next time. ’’, Explains the former UFC welterweight and heavyweight champion. As for Makhachev, the Dagestani jumped to fourth place in the UFC’s lightweight challenger rankings.

Islam has finally decided to become louder and hopes for a "title shot" However, Cormier believes Makhachev needs another win. ‘‘ Islam will have to fight again and that’s OK because I believe he can handle any challenges they put in front of him.

That's exactly what he has to do. If he plans to be a champion, he has to do things like that. ’’ Daniel concluded. If Gaethje is really next in line, a fight between third-ranked Beneil Dariush and fourth-ranked challenger Islam Makhachev imposes itself as a logical option, but it remains to be seen what the UFC will decide.