Jorge Masvidal warns Covington's new team

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Jorge Masvidal warns Covington's new team

Although it is not easy for him to come to terms with the fact that he lost the rematch to Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington began to look to the future.. Immediately at a press conference held after the UFC 268 event, he revealed that he sees Jorge Masvidal as his next opponent.

The reason is very easy to find. Colby wants to clear up the problems between his once best friend and him in front of an audience of millions. In addition, Colby has been claiming for some time that he has beaten Masvidal in training for years, so he wants to stand behind his words.

On the other hand, Masvidal seems to have some other plans. After all, the fight he will have next month against Leon Edwards is certainly his priority. He had already turned down Colby this year when they were also offered coaching positions in Ultimate Fighter, as he had the opportunity to fight Usman for the title again.

After the champion defeated them both twice, somehow a mutual fight might make sense.

American Top Team

What Masvidal was referring to, however, was Covington's attitude towards the team of which he is a member. Colby was in the American Top Team for a long time, he even called himself their captain and swore allegiance to them, and then everything suddenly broke down, when he was bad with Masvidal, but also with some other team members, especially Dustin.

By Poirier, they grew into extreme intolerance. So he was preparing for the previous two fights in the MMA Master team, to which Masvidal sent a warning. "2021-2022 prediction: Colby burns MMA master like he has every gym and every coach he ever had by not paying and talking shit on the way out.

Rinse wash repeat "Masvidal wrote on Twitter. As we mentioned, Jorge is preparing for a fight against Leon Edwards, which he will do on December 9 at UFC 269, and until then he will certainly not mention a possible fight against Covington in a serious tone.

After all, the outcome of the fight against Edwards will directly affect any of his plans so it makes no sense to even mention them. As for Colby, he will probably rest until spring after such a defeat, and then move on.

Whether Masvidal will be his next opponent or it will be someone else, his career will be closely monitored and he will surely do a lot more or say something that will leave a very strong mark on the MMA scene.