Colby Covington denies his respect for Usman

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Colby Covington denies his respect for Usman

Colby Covington hoped he would finally become the UFC’s undisputed champion, but Kamaru Usman once again proved to be an insurmountable obstacle. There is little difference in the quality of the two fighters, but Usman is simply a slightly better fighter.

Many would say that Colby can be proud of his performance and the resistance he offered to the champion, but "Chaos" is not satisfied. ‘‘ I’m definitely not proud of my performance. I should have won.

It was very tight. Honestly, I thought it was 3-2 (in rounds) for me. He shook me, I shook him. Whatever referee scores 49-46, he is without fuc*ing sense, "Covington began at a press conference. By the way, the two referees scored 48-47 in favor of Usman, and Derek Cleary felt that four rounds were in favor of Usman.

Other than scoring, Colby can’t possibly accept the official statistics that say he had zero successful takedowns and tried as many as 11 times. Kamaru Usman thus maintained one hundred percent success in defending the takedowns, that is, the Nigerian was never taken down in the UFC.

‘‘ Whoever of you in the media says I had 11 attempts to take down, and none were successful fake news. Start doing real journalism. That’s why you’re not journalists, because you’re publishing fake news.

" "Apparently I knocked him down and I destroyed that statistic (100 percent takedown defense). So don’t raise the ‘hype’ around that statistic anymore that he was never knocked down because I knocked him down."

"We have unfinished business. I am ready to do 5 more rounds in the parking lot. I will see him again, I am not done with him, I will fight with anyone to come up with that opportunity again. ’’ Colby added.


Usman's challenger did indeed demolish Usman, but he failed to establish any control and he was not officially recognized as demolishing in the statistics.

Covington is already thinking about the next steps and wants to return to the competition for the title as soon as possible. The fight that makes the most sense to him at the moment is the one against Jorge Masvidal, a former friend, and roommate.

"Gamebred", however, is waiting for the match against Leon Edwards on December 11. "I think the most logical option is a heated rivalry between me and my former roommate 'Street Judas.' He should cancel the fight against Leon ‘Scott’ and fight me."

"He talked so much s*it in the media, and look what happened when he fought ‘Marty’ (Usman). He was swept away, and it would be even worse against me. It wouldn’t be competitive at all. ’’ Covington began his presentation on Masvidal and then added.