Jon Jones will not return to JacksonWink

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Jon Jones will not return to JacksonWink

A former UFC welterweight champion and one of the greatest MMA fighters in history has been forced to train in his garage in recent weeks. Jon Jones was kicked out of JacksonWInk Hall in mid-October. Mike Winkeljohn, one of the head coaches of the mentioned hall, during his visit to MMA Hour, explained that it was a temporary ejection and that it was due to Jones' incident, which he committed a little earlier.

"Bones" was arrested after being admitted to the UFC Hall of Fame for using physical force on his fiancée and for damaging a vehicle. Mike Winkeljohn decided that someone needed to put an end to Jones ’behavior and that it was time for him to start bearing certain consequences.

Although it is temporary and Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn have not completely closed the door to Jon Jones, it seems that there will be no continuation of the collaboration. Namely, Jones, through his Twitter profile, looked in more detail at the situation between him and, apparently, his former team.

"Definitely won’t be going back but I will continue to root for all the fighters that are training there. I do believe my training methods and sessions have improved significantly since changing environments. Grateful for all the time I got to spend there, everything has its time, ”explained 34-year-old Jones.

Jones is looking for a new hall

One of Jones's fans made a comment, advising "Bones" not to return to JacksonWink because it is no longer the relevant hall. A Jones fan believes Jon has carried that hall for the past 10 years.

"I don't feel like I carried the team, we have lots of guys doing amazing things out of that gym. I will admit the program isn't at the level it used to be, and hasn't been for a while now" Jon Jones replied.

Jones is aware that he will still have to look for a new place, that is, a hall with professional fighters with whom he will be able to adequately prepare for his next performances. "I know I won't be able to train in my garage forever, eventually I'm going to need more training partners.

Mainly wrestling partners and kickboxers. I'm on the lookout for teams that I'll be able to visit and come train with, maybe get some sparring sessions in. " added ‘‘ Bones ’’. One of the greatest fighters ever, we last saw him in a cage in the second month of 2020.

It’s getting closer to two years since his win against Dominick Reyes. Jones has left the light heavyweight division and everyone is eagerly awaiting his debut in the royal, heavyweight division. However. it seems we are still quite far from that moment.