Gaethje celebrated against Chandler after 15 minutes of war

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Gaethje celebrated against Chandler after 15 minutes of war

Two belt fights are offered to us by the UFC 268 show, but Justin Gaethje and Michael Chandler attracted as much attention as the actors of those two matches. Chandler and Gaethje announced "firework" from the beginning until one fell.

We got something like that, but not a single fighter fell in the end. Justin Gaethje celebrated with a unanimous decision of the referees(29-28, 29-28, 30-27) after 15 minutes of relentless fighting. The fight began with a series of low kicks by both fighters.

Michael Chandler seemed somehow calmer and more composed at the beginning of the match. In the middle of the round, Michael Chandler had probably the best moments in this match. He hit "Iron" a few great combinations and shook Gaethje.

He also tried Chandler's "flying knee," and then added a few more blows to Justin's head. Gaethje retreated to the cage railing, but soon returned fire and he destroyed Chandler. “Highlight” woke up after a great Michael Chandler sequence and finished the first round well.

A really tight round after Justin’s great kicks at the start of the match, then a great Chandler period and a good closing of the round by Justin. Anyway, one of the best rounds we’ve had a chance to watch in 2021.

Both fighters were tired during the first round which took place at an incredibly high pace. Both fighters placed punches in a way that tried to knock out the opponent with each hit hit and that made them quite tired. However, these are two brilliantly prepared fighters, and the second round continued at a similar pace as the first.

Still, the second round is not as tight as the first. Gaethje shook Chandler seriously with his uppercut and sent him to the floor. It seemed that the match could be stopped at any moment, but Chandler did not let himself be finished, despite a series of blows he received even after the aforementioned uppercut.

The fighters ended up on their feet in the continuation of the round, and Gaethje hit the uppercuts more and more often. However, Chandler silenced the criticism regarding his beard and did not allow himself to be shaken more seriously.

At the end of the round, a controversial situation occurred. Gaethje was seriously stabbed in the eye by Chandler and asked for a break. Referee Mike Beltran did not react well to the whole situation and Chandler dealt a strong blow to the head of his opponent before the referee finally jumped in and paused the match.

Third round

In the end, a very good round for Gaethje, but Chandler presented courage and toughness. "Iron" opened the third round well. He seemed to catch the momentum again and moved nicely and hit Gaethje. However, as the round progressed, Chandler slowed down and Justin Gaethje was hit with stronger and more concrete punches.

Michael Chandler started to lower his hands more and more, he asked for the reaction of the audience, he also invited Gaethje to exchange, but Justin showed great maturity in this round. "Highlight" did not allow himself to engage in an open exchange.

Michael Chandler knocked down Gaethje in the third round, but Justin got even better through the "scramble" and ended up on the back of his opponent. After that, Gaethje just continued to control the fight in the stand, with low kicks he still hit great and routinely brought the match to an end.

Deservedly Gaethje eventually celebrated and now hopes for an opportunity to attack the belt. Michael Chandler lost the second match in a row, but there is nothing to regret. He provided everything we expected, and showed how his chin can withstand the blows of one of the most powerful hitters in the category. They promised us "fireworks" and a spectacle, and that's exactly what they delivered to us.