Kamaru Usman once again showed his greatness!

The Nigerian has defended his title for the fifth time

by Sead Dedovic
Kamaru Usman once again showed his greatness!

There is simply no better welterweight than Kamaru Usman at the moment. The Nigerian has defended his title for the fifth time, and Colby Covington has to come to terms with the fact that Kamaru is simply a better fighter. The champion this time failed to finish the challenger and celebrated with a unanimous referee decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46).

Colby should be honored for his courage, but he simply lacks something to overcome this obstacle. The fighters opened the match a little more cautiously this time. Covington tried to take down Usman very quickly, but Kamaru successfully defended the attempt.

Usman was a fighter who controlled the middle of the cage and somewhat more initiated the action. After just over three minutes, Usman knocks down Covington, but Colby quickly pulls out and returns the fight to the stand.

A slightly more reserved round by both fighters, at least compared to the first fight with which they spoiled us somewhat. Still, Usman opened the rematch better. The second round continues in a similar tone. The impression is that the fighters entered this match with a significantly different approach compared to the first clash.

Covington did not struggle with his typical pressing and rhythm imposition during the first half of the match, while Usman agreed to a slightly slower pace and exchanges from a distance. Kamaru worked a lot with the front straight, but there was no more concrete action and damage after more than eight minutes of fighting.

Covington then pressed Usman against the cage but failed to keep him in that position for long. Usman was also a fighter who moved more forward and controlled the middle of the cage. Thirty seconds before the end Covington was in big trouble.

Usman shook him twice at short intervals, but "Chaos" tried to grapple and survived until the end of the round, although he failed to knock down Usman. The Nigerian hit brilliantly with his left both times. The first blow sat straight into the challenger's chin, but the second sent him to the floor.

After the first two rounds, Covington seemed too reserved and a bit idealess to seriously threaten the champion. That may have ultimately cost him. Covington tried to be a bit more active during the third round, and in the middle of the third round, he had another unsuccessful attempt to take down his opponent.

Usman, on the other hand, did his job very well and calmly, and after half of the match, he acted like a significantly better fighter who routinely goes to a new title defense. Usman’s boxing seems more technically sophisticated, but Covington finally picked up the pace and started working more concretely.

At the end of the round, "Chaos" tried to send him on the floor again, but Usman really defended all such attempts. Still, definitely, a much better edition of Colby compared to the first two rounds.

Colby had some chances

More and more concrete was Colby as the match progressed and his attacks became more aggressive.

However, Usman did not panic and continued to throw the front straight. Covington increasingly pushed open exchanges and did quite well in such. Yet, after each such exchange, Covington slows briefly, and Usman constantly works with his boxing techniques and forward movements.

The fourth round, like the third, is fairly even and it is a good thing that Covington showed after a bad opening that he can still match the champion on an equal footing. At the end of the round, Colby hit the champion well, and his legs were somewhat locked.

It is not ruled out that Colby left a better impression on the judges in the third and fourth rounds, so the fifth round was extremely important for both fighters. Usman acts decisively at the start of the round after being slightly shaken at the end of the fourth round, but Colby Covington embarks on open exchanges and remains indebted to him.

Both fighters hit a few really good shots early in the final round. Colby tried to take down Usman again, but the champion did a great "sprawl" and again defended the challenger's attempt. We watched an extremely even round again.

At the end of the fifth round, Usman was stabbed in the eye in Covington. Colby took a break just over a minute, but Usman passed with a warning, without losing points. At the end of the match, the fighters correctly gave hands to each other and exchanged a few words before the referee separated them in order to wait for the official announcement of the winner. In the end, Kamaru Usman deservedly won and confirms that he currently has no equal in this category.

Kamaru Usman